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Youth Coaching Expert Insights

Stay informed, inspired, and engaged in mentoring and coaching tweens, teens, and young adults with the Youth Coaching Institute blog. Here you’ll discover expert strategies, research, and tools to empower your practice or organization and foster growth and resilience in adolescents.

mother and teen daughter with teacher

How a Professional Youth Life Coach Can Support Adolescents (and You, the Adult!)

Introduction: This article explores the meaning and impact of Professional Youth Life Coaching. Learn what makes Youth Coaching Institute’s trained coaches unique, and the ways in which a coach can facilitate growth and empowerment for teens, caring adults, and families. What Is a Professional Youth Life Coach? Life Coaching is a non-directive, person-centered, growth-oriented support service that helps clients who are ready, willing, and able to do the work, to

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Mother Talking With Unhappy Teenage Daughter On Sofa

Unlocking Communication: How Active Listening Can Transform Relationships with Teens (Do’s & Don’ts)

Introduction: Actively listening to your teen can help foster an open, safe, and trusting environment where your teen feels seen, heard, and understood. It strengthens relationships and enhances communication, especially around vulnerable topics. What is Active Listening? Active listening is the practice of preparing to listen, observing what verbal and non-verbal messages are being sent, and then providing appropriate feedback for the sake of showing attentiveness to what is being

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Why Teens Need Goals & How Adults Can Help (using the SMART framework)

Written by Cameron O’Brien, ACC What Is Goal-Setting? Goal-setting is the process of taking deliberate action steps in order to achieve a desired outcome. When we set goals, we are intentional about focusing and executing on the things that matter to us most. Goal setting allows us to create a vision of what we’d like our life to be, and how we are going to achieve it. Why Goal Setting

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Evidence Based Coaching for Resilience in Teens and Emerging Adults

The purpose of this article is to introduce you to the core of our work — evidence-based coaching for teens and emerging adults, and why it matters. I’ll begin by offering some highlights of who we are and the work we’ve had the pleasure of doing since 2013: Youth Coaching Institute, LLC We’re a community of social change agents who experienced our share of struggles as adolescents. We managed to overcome, learn

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teenage daughter talking with mother

The Ultimate Guide to Boundaries for Teens: What They Are, Why They Matter, & How to Set Them (with Adult Help)

Written by Cameron O’Brien, ACC Introduction: This article gives the 411 on boundaries and teens: what they are, why they matter, what good (and bad) boundaries look like, and how adults can help teens create strong boundaries that protect themselves and their peace. What Are Boundaries? Boundaries are the limits and rules we set for ourselves. They are a way of openly asserting and communicating your values and needs to

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Empowering Teens: Why Self-Advocacy Matters & How Adults Can Help

Written by Cameron O’Brien, ACC Introduction It is critical to get adolescents accustomed to representing themselves and their interests. Parents and guardians can only act on the behalf of an adolescent for so long; knowing what you need and finding a way to get the need met is a crucial step towards adulthood. What is Self-Advocacy, and Why Is It Important for Teens to Master? Self-advocacy is speaking up for

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