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Stay informed, inspired, and engaged in mentoring and coaching tweens, teens, and young adults with the Youth Coaching Institute blog. Here you’ll discover expert strategies, research, and tools to empower your practice or organization and foster growth and resilience in adolescents.

Mental Health Awareness Month Series (part 1)

Introduction: May is Mental Health Awareness Month. In 1949, Mental Health America proposed an annual national observation to spread awareness of the importance of mental wellbeing. The conversations around mental health are becoming more urgent as trends demonstrate that growing numbers of American adolescents and adults struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, and loneliness. This article describes the current state of mental health for young people and adults, and offers eight

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Self-Care: Why Teens Need It and Four Ways Adults Can Help

Introduction: Let’s bust the myth about self-care being indulgent. Caring for oneself is a critical part of individual wellbeing. And – self-care isn’t just for adults, it’s essential for young people as well. This article shares statistics about the benefits of prioritizing self-care as an adolescent, and provides suggestions on how adults can support teens in this effort. What Is Self-Care: Self-care is the practice of tending to oneself physically,

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3 Reasons Why You Need to Spend More Time Outdoors with Your Teen

Introduction:Looking for ways to spend more time with the young adults in your life? Go outside! Take advantage of the spring weather and get some sunshine while connecting with your teen. Want to learn more about ways to connect with young people and maintain your wellbeing? Check out our accredited life coach training programs for more information.

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What Is Self-Regulation? Why Teens Need It & How to Develop It

Introduction: This article introduces the concept of self-regulation, and provides breathing and grounding exercises for any teen or adult to try when experiencing distress. What Is Self-Regulation? Self-regulation refers to an individual’s ability to control their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in favor of positive long-term outcomes. It is a practice that gives a person the space to pause and think about how they want to respond to a stressful situation,

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How to Help Stressed Teens: Causes, Signs & Solutions

Introduction: April is Stress Awareness Month. This article dives into why teens experience stress, how that stress manifests, and what adults can do to help. Teens and Stress – What We Need to Know: Adolescence is inherently stressful. Young people are experiencing the most development they will ever experience in life, including puberty and hormonal shifts, cognitive maturation, identity formation, burgeoning independence, and exposure to social dynamics. A 2018 study

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Why Teens Procrastinate and Six Ways Adults Can Help

Introduction: Is your teen’s procrastination driving you insane? This article helps to explain procrastination, how it shows up in adolescents, and what adults can do to help teens stay on track. What Is Procrastination? Procrastination is driven by a variety of thoughts and habits, but in essence – we avoid tasks because we do not believe we will enjoy doing them and want to avoid negative emotion associated with the

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