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Perspective: Psychology, counseling, and social work majors could benefit from completing a life coaching certification during undergrad

Group of students studying at university library

Psychology, counseling, and social work majors could benefit from completing a life coaching certification as an undergraduate student. Here are some of the reasons why: 1. Entry into a paid, skilled trade aligned with behavioral science, counseling, and social work objectives – to support individuals as they enhance their quality of life through psychosocial and […]

We successfully upgraded to ICF Level 1 Accreditation in 2023!


We are very pleased to announce Youth Coaching Institute, LLC has successfully earned the International Coaching Federation‘s Accreditation approval! Those in the coaching profession are aware the ICF’s coaching credentials serve as a gold standard for professional coaches. The ICF promotes high ethical and professional standards by providing oversight to coach educators through accreditation and approval of coach […]

What is youth life coaching?

Teenage female in therapy session in psychologist's office

Youth are… Tweens, teens, and emerging adults (18-25) What youth will learn through life coaching As youth life coaches, we support tweens, teens, and emerging adults as they navigate life, relationships, school and job commitments with a focus on enhancing well-being and reducing unnecessary distress. We help them gain clarity and make decisions that fit […]

What is academic coaching?

Group of students studying at university library

Academic coaching is about our client’s future Education is one of the most important resources we can use to improve our chances of experiencing a good life and making positive contributions to our world. Learning is a job that requires intentional effort and engagement, if it’s going to stick. Most students pursue an education because […]

What is job or career coaching?

Female HR manager extending hand for handshake after successful job interview

Job or career coaching  Jobs or careers are among the most important resources we can use to establish and maintain independence and provide for ourselves. Since many adults spend most of our waking hours working, how we choose that work-life weighs heavily on our health and satisfaction. If we’re intentional, we can identify and pursue […]

Did you know we offer need-based “Full Circle” partial scholarships?

We’ve found plenty of caring adults with a passion to empower disadvantaged youth work in professions that don’t pay as well as they should. Plenty of teachers, non-profit professionals, entry-level professionals, public service professionals, adjunct professors, college students, grad students, retirees, and others would love to earn life coach certifications and support young people, but […]

Loosening the Death Grip

Post by Cyndy When I was younger and single-er, I had one desperate desire: to get swept off my feet at the Latin dance clubs. Oh, to be wrapped in the arms of some modern Rico Suave; to be steered around the dance floor like—like some—like some helpless, delicate female who needs someone else to […]

Learning to Know Nothing

Post by Cyndy  I am a veteran high school teacher. I know how to interact with teens. Duh. Why would I possibly need training in how to life coach ‘em? Oh, ye of little knowledge. As a teacher, I plan ahead for my lessons. As a coach, planning ahead is a really bad plan. In […]

A Trainee’s BIZARRE Observations From a Life Coaching Demonstration

Our coach training program includes a blackboard style learning forum where trainees have an opportunity to post discussions to the group. Last week, a trainee took the time to post an extremely thoughtful recap of her learning experience related to observing a coaching demonstration. I am sharing that post here with her permission, as it offers […]