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5 Benefits of Becoming a Certified Youth Life Coach (through Youth Coaching Institute)


Are you an adult searching for an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of adolescents? Wondering if youth life coach training could be a fit for your needs? At Youth Coaching Institute, our programs prepare caring adults to support the needs of young people. Our trainees learn how to best support youth while simultaneously tending to their own growth in the process. Below are 5 unique benefits of training with YCI:

  1. Values-Aligned Work

When humans are able to engage in work that is aligned with their values, they experience increased fulfillment and enhanced quality of life. YCI trainees get real-life coaching experience in the training sessions, both as a coach and as a client. Trainees get to apply their skills as they learn them in real-time. This immersion allows them to immediately experience the joy and satisfaction of engaging in meaningful, purpose-driven work.

  • Expert Listener

Good listening skills can be hard to come by; studies show that less than 2% of the worldwide population has received formal education on listening effectively (source- HBR article).  Becoming a youth life coach requires the development of advanced listening skills. Our trainings teach adults how to become active listeners. Our coaches in training learn to listen to understand what their clients are trying to convey through verbal and non-verbal messaging. Want to learn how to improve your active listening skills? Check out our blog here.

  • Ask Better Questions

Coaching is non-directive, which means that the coach does not lead the conversation, nor do they give answers, advice, or provide opinions to the client. The coaching process involves facilitating the client’s expanded awareness through active listening and asking open-ended questions related to the client’s goal and the information they share. A major focus of YCI training involves learning the science and art of asking powerful questions to evoke awareness and clarity around the client’s desired outcome, current situation, and plans to close the space between. Asking questions is a skill that can be honed and adds value in all relational facets of life. Better questions beget increased understanding and connection. Want an example list of open-ended questions that help increase connection between teens and their guardians or mentors? Check out this blog on conversation starters.

  • Understand Adolescent Development

We recognize a common concern among professionals in the youth sector: a noticeable gap in the services provided to tweens, teens, and young adults. Many find themselves in youth mentoring roles without a clear direction or framework to guide their efforts. At the Youth Coaching Institute, we understand these challenges and have tailored our programs to meet your needs. Whether you’re a mentor, teacher, social worker, or coach, our evidence-based coaching framework equips you with the tools and skills necessary to make a profound impact on today’s youth. Our training goes beyond theoretical knowledge, providing practical, evidence-based strategies to improve your interaction and relationship-building with youth.

  • Take Better Care of You

A coach’s ability to hold a safe and supportive space for others depends on the coach’s openness, willingness, and commitment to remain diligent and engaged in their own wellness, learning, and growth. Coaches are trained to facilitate the client’s awareness and development of internal resources, and also highlight opportunities to enhance skills or build self-management. The coaching mindset and coaching presence require that the coach actively self-manage throughout the process. YCI trainees learn how to take better care of themselves and build their own resources to support them as they engage in the coaching work.

Change the lives of youth. Starting today.