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Looking for a youth life coach?​

Here are some Certified Youth Resilience Coaches who may be a fit. All YCI trained coaches are equipped to apply evidence-based coaching for youth and young adults. Just click the link in their profile for a redirect to their coaching website for more about their services. All offer services virtually, internationally. Some offer in-person sessions for those local to their areas.
This directory is a work in progress. We’re currently in the process of compiling and adding our alumni coaches with availability for new clients. We appreciate your patience as we expand it.

Trained Therapist or Counselor Also Offering Coaching Services

Those managing mental health diagnoses that are currently well-managed who are ready for coaching, can benefit from working with a coach who is also a trained therapist or counselor. Here are the coaches in our network who may be a fit for you. 


Ashlea Madison, M.Ed

Honor Your Heart Life Coaching (USA)

My goal is to aid youth (14+), young adults and women in finding their way. I am a Certified Youth Resilience Coach and  hold a Master’s of Education in Guidance and Counseling. I am a single mom to a beautiful preteen daughter which leads me to my why. My life’s passion is to assist clients in feeling empowered despite their circumstances, choosing goals that fit where they are headed and to ultimately get out of their own way. Allow your beautiful light to shine. 


Cat Smith, MA Ed, BCC

Restory Project (USA)

In a world full of competing pressures and expectations, it can be difficult to know who you are, what you want, and what’s getting in the way of your success. As a Board Certified Coach, I utilize an evidence-based approach that illuminates individual strengths and resources and is action-based. We are all capable of overcoming limiting beliefs and self-defeating behavior. Sometimes we just need a little help envisioning the path forward and then taking the necessary steps. 

Sandra Singer

Therapy Coaching Practice (Canada)

Whether you need support as a parent, for your child or as a family, I am here to help! I am a teen and parent coach, and counsellor. I support teens to identify their passions and goals, and to overcome their obstacles so they can grow into more confident and self-aware young adults. Goals can range from wanting to improve grades, overcome anxiety and social challenges, or become more focused and identify the next step in life. I also support parents with overwhelm and feeling disconnected. Coaching is a great way to shift family dynamics. Together we will find practical ways for you and your teen to adapt, improve communication and engage positively.


Amy Lombardo, MS Ed, ACC

Amy Lombardo (USA)

As a certified life coach, I specialize in working with teenagers and young adults facing a wide range of challenges spanning from everyday life to sensitive topics. Everyone should be able to follow their dreams and be able to express themselves. I hold a Master’s Degree in School Counseling, with more than ten years of experience working with a diverse, high school student population. I am bilingual in Spanish and English. 


Davida I. Arnold, BCC

Davida I. Arnold (USA)

As a life coach, I help youth and adults to achieve the goals, solve the problems, and make the changes they have not been able to do on their own. I am a Board Certified Coach (BCC), and I also have a Master of Science degree in pastoral counseling. In addition to being a coach, I am a wife and a mother of four children. My home base is in Ohio, but I coach clients virtually worldwide. 


Angie McIntyre, EdS, ACC

Clear Trails Youth Coaching (USA)

During my work as a school psychologist and Youth Well-Being Coach, I have witnessed the power of encouraging young people to determine their personal path. As a coach, I am deeply dedicated to supporting self-determination in young people. I deliver my coaching via a person-centered approach based on the Rise and Thrive Model, a research-based process developed and proven by the Youth Coaching Institute. In addition to my private practice, I contract to coach students with a well-established online private school, as well as with a private skills-based coaching organization.


Linda Conway Hensley, MEd

Accomplish Coaching, LLC (USA)

I am a practicing school psychologist and coach with over 20 years in the education and mental wellness fields. My passion is working with teens and young adults (16+) as they strive towards the life they dream of as well as supporting parents in their parenting journey. I am uniquely qualified to provide youth and young adult coaching, academic coaching, parent coaching and educational advocacy support. 


Brigid Howard, MS, ACC

Brigid Howard Counseling & Coaching (USA)

As a counselor for many years, I have helped teens and adults of all abilities and difference work through barriers to reach their goals. I offer services to best assist the needs of individuals who want to move forward, discover themselves, and reach
their potential. I am a Certified Youth Coach, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and hold a Master’s degree in Counseling Education. 

Recovery Coaching Services

Those who can use support with substance abuse recovery while working toward their goals may find a fit here. 


Racquel Garcia

Hard Beauty (USA)

I am a trauma survivor, teenage bride, recovered alcoholic, welfare recipient and I thrive with a chronic illness. That was my #Hard. I am also a sober wife, mother, social entrepreneur, counselor, life coach, spiritual guide, author and speaker. This is my #Beauty. I’ve had my share of breakups, breakdowns and breakthroughs…I did my work. I put my life back together piece by piece and I am here to help you do your work.

Coaching Services Only

Those who do not have a mental health diagnosis or substance abuse issues can generally find a great fit with coaches who do not have clinical mental health or substance dependency training. Here are some coaches in our network who may be a good fit for you. 


Phil Black

Coach Black

Phil Black is an Author, Inspirational Speaker, and the Founder of The Manhood Project (TMP). The Manhood Project is a coaching and personal development program designed to maximize the positive qualities of young men, while minimizing their temptations to engage in at-risk behavior. The program focuses on character building, development of communication skills, and personal exploration. He also supports a handful of private clients through his private practice.


Cyndy Etler, MEd, ACC

The Teen Life Coach (USA)

I use evidence-based strategies to help young people figure out what they most want, what’s blocking them, and how they can slay the blocks and create their dream life.

Many adults want to help teens, but don’t know how. With my teen coaching, kids feel heard and understood…and excited about creating positive change.


Joe Chan, PCC

Coach Joe Chan (Singapore)

Ark of Hope is a boutique coaching service for families who want to improve their communications and prepare their teenagers for the future
right at your doorstep. We offer programmes and services for parents and youth and journey with them towards their Ark of Hope together.
I have two decades of experience working with youth and families. I am a Professional Certified Coach with ICF and also a Master Solution-Focused
Practitioner. Today I’m also married with 2 boys.


Davina Mcknight, ACC

The Unstuck Coach (USA)

Coach and founder of Rap City Group; a private coaching and consulting practice along with a youth services nonprofit. Davina has spent the last 12 years in retail, finding success in managing customer relations, training and coaching employees within diverse industries to enhance comprehensive, quality services. She now helps clients gain awareness and clarification around specific obstacles in order to set impactful goals and act. She specializes in life, career and academic coaching. 


Liezel Lane, MS, ACC

My Teen Life Coach (USA)

I specialize in coaching teens, millennials and parents in life, school and careers. My professional experience includes 15 years in corporate organizations in Learning & Development, Executive Coaching and Human Resources and 10 years as the founder and Executive Director
of a 501(c)3 non-profit called Atlanta S.E.E.Ds Inc. (Self-Esteem Empowerment and Education through Dance) where I mentor, coach and help youth expand into their future in a safe and judgment free after school program.


Stefan Oste

Stefan Oste

My goal is for every client I work with is for them to find their definition of success and fulfillment on their terms. As a coach, I show up with unconditional positive regard, respect, curiosity, kindness, a focus on strengths, creativity, and humor. I have extensive professional experience helping youth on their growth journey, as well as personal experience with late-diagnosed learning differences (ADHD). I am a credentialed special education teacher, professional-level educational therapist (specializing in math and executive function), and Duke-certified coach (working toward National Board Certification). I have worked with a neurodiverse spectrum of clients over my career, and work primarily (but not exclusively) with clients with ADHD and learning differences.


Bonnie Prestridge

Young people with ongoing health problems (USA)

I specialize in helping young people with ongoing health problems transition into college, the workplace, and adult life. Through coaching, my clients develop strategies to find answers to their health mysteries, manage flare-ups with less suffering, finish school, find and keep a job, live more independently, make friends and date with confidence, and actually enjoy life.

Margrita van der Hoek, ACC

Veredas Coaching (Mexico)

I offer in-person sessions at my practice in Ajijic, Mexico and virtual sessions through Zoom. I am a trilingual (Spanish, English and Dutch) life coach for adults and teens. I also apply tests and offer career choice coaching for high school students. As an ICF certified coach, I am excited to embark on an evidence-based coaching adventure with my clients. It makes me happy to support people in finding their uniqueness and in experiencing plenitude in what they do and in the life they live. One little step at a time. 

Jessica Koehler, PhD, ACC

Phare Education, LLC (USA)

Jessica has twenty years of experience working directly with high school and college students. After over a decade of classroom teaching as a math and science teacher, she was inspired to pursue her PhD in Adolescent Motivational Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. In her nine years since, she continues to support teens and young adults directly as a tutor and coach and indirectly as an educational researcher and program evaluator. Jessica is the co-founder of Phare Education, LLC, with a mission to empower teens and young adults to become their fully authentic selves and how that intersects with their academic or career goals. 


Tasha McGhie, PCC

Bend Your Lens Coaching, LLC (USA)

I work to foster curiosity, creativity, and self-advocacy in youth so they can see and then seize their highest potential. I do this through creativity coaching and writing programs, as I am an ICF credentialed coach and a certified writing tutor. As a creativity coach, I help youth strengthen their innate creativity, growing their capacity to produce innovative and relative solutions. Spotlighting and championing their curiosity, creativity, and courage clears the stage for youth to become the changemakers they seek. 


Sarah Grace, MBA, PGDip.

Honeyguide Coaching (UK)

I advocate for applying positive psychology in both coaching and education, and witness coaching at its most powerful when future-focused, and appreciative of my client’s values, strengths and beliefs.  Having worked in HR and Executive Coaching for some years, I am deeply committed to being in the service of my clients.  I wholeheartedly believe in their resourcefulness, wisdom, and ability to enact positive change for themselves.  Now working with teens, emerging adults and early careerists, I am proud to have a positive impact on my clients – applying evidence-based coaching approaches to support them in their desire to thrive and flourish.  Life is great, so live well.  

Cameron O'Brien

CEO Life Coaching (USA)

Hey there! I am a life coach for young high achievers. I work with clients ages 15-30 who excel in sports, arts, academics, or career. My clients have realized that their achievements don’t necessarily translate to personal fulfillment. They are looking to ditch self-sabotage, be their own best teammate, and harness their work ethic and determination to create a life that feels authentic and satisfying. I use evidence-based strategies to help my clients expand their self-awareness and self-trust. Together, we create a plan of action that leaves them feeling confident, inspired, and ready to get in the driver’s seat. I serve as a non-judgemental support and accountability partner through the entire coaching process

Lillian Powell, MA, ACC

Generativity Coaching (USA)

I am a certified life coach and human behaviorist who is at a stage in life to be able to give back to the next generations by providing the tools, strategy & unconditional support to help people create meaningful changes within their lives. In the corporate world for many decades and the past 5-6 years as a substitute teacher & school counselor, I have plenty of insight into the many struggles adolescents, young adults & seniors face in trying to navigate life, school and careers. 


Daniel Moor

Living Self-Mastery (Israel)

I am a certified life coach and mindfulness teacher. I struggled with trauma and depression for all
my teenage years and as I healed from it, it became my biggest passion to give some of what I’ve learned back. What I most care about in the entire world is helping  people heal, be happy and create their dreams. I work with teenagers and parents from all over the world and combine my personal experience, practical coaching tools and a lot of unconditional love and acceptance to help youth
overcome struggles, manifest their dreams and be happy in life. 


Amani Bataineh

Self Empowerment Youth Coach | Trainer (Jordan)

Passionate human being, Certified Professional, Trainer and Coach with 17+ years of experience in business development, training, coaching and education. I have worn every hat in the rack through my career. I’m currently focusing on my passion of helping humans, youth and kids through empowering them. I’m achievement and innovation oriented. 
I strongly believe in human potential. Being able to contribute to unleashing it is one of my life goals. I help others stand in the light and be seen as they are. 


Deborah Brown

Wild Spirit Coaching (USA)

In my practice, Wild Spirit Coaching, I support young adults age 18-30 move toward thriving in independence. We tackle topics like managing anxiety and strong emotions, identifying core values, creating a life vision, gaining essential life skills, and job/education exploration, among others. Sessions take place online or in-person in the Portland, Oregon area. 


Larry Cazenave, PCC

Empowered Path Coach (USA)

Larry is the founder and C.E.O. of Empowered Path Coach. His passion for working with teens and young adults stems from his experience as an 8 year old in the foster system in France where he grew up. Today, he uses evidence-based coaching along with Positive Intelligence to help the 15 to 22 years old population excel in their lives. 


Crystal Drayton, MA

I Rise Coaching (USA)

Coach Crystal is a passionate and innovative Youth Life Coach who is dedicated to partnering with youths and young adults (ages 14-24). I am committed to helping them gain the clarity, focus and direction that is needed to overcome obstacles and keep moving forward. I believe that everyone holds the answers to their own questions within them and I am eager to help my clients discover the possibilities. I also hold a Master’s Degree in Child Advocacy and Policy, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. 


Martha Rome, RN, MPH

Youth Resilience Coach (USA)

I specialize in research-based life coaching services for teens and young adults. As a teenager I began studying and practicing in the buddhist tradition and spent 40 years working in health care, focusing on mind/body health and wellness from an individual (nursing) and community perspective (public health). I also have a Certificate in Counseling, training and practice as a mindfulness meditation instructor, certificates to teach Japanese Tea Ceremony, and an extensive practice of Focusing (a practice of allowing our bodies to guide us to deeper self-knowledge and healing). I bring together my personal, professional, creative, and spiritual interests to support young people during these vastly challenging times. 


Dina Scippa, MA

Enough Labs (USA)

Dina is passionate about working with adolescent girls to develop skills to help them feel like their most confident selves.  She provides a safe space for girls to own their strengths, set and achieve goals, eliminate negative self-talk, and above all, embrace the fundamental belief that they are enough.

Dina received her Bachelor’s in International Affairs from American University in Washington, DC and a Master’s degree in Gender and Development from the University of London.


Richelle B. White, PhD

Cutting Edge Conversations, LLC (USA)

Richelle is the founder of Cutting Edge Conversations, LLC, a coaching, mentoring, writing, consulting and teaching services company that helps, supports, equips and empowers people in their journey toward human flourishing.

For more than 30 years, Richelle has served and walked alongside youth and young adults as an educator and minister. She is passionate about helping others discover their identity and purpose and become the best version of themselves.


Derneeka Cruse, MBA

You In Bloom, LLC (USA)

So many years of education, yet nobody ever taught us how to love and care for ourselves and why it is so important.” Derneeka is a mother, educator, yoga and meditation teacher, life coach for mothers, daughters and educators, and an intuitive medium. Derneeka’s life journey, specifically, her mothering journey has lead her to help mothers and daughters of color. Derneeka works with mothers and daughters to help them discover their unique selves outside and within their relationship so that together, they can create a new path for all the generations that will come after them. 


Joy Robinson, ACC

Authentic Girl Coaching (USA)

Is your daughter struggling? I can help. For over ten years, I’ve worked exclusively with teen girls and young women to help them reach their potential and thrive. As a certified life coach, my work with your daughter begins with a thorough assessment to understand the issues, and from there we work towards meaningful change so she can develop into the empowered female she is meant to be. My coaching provides a safe space for girls to open up, self-reflect, strive for and reach their goals. I have a passion for what I do, and would love the opportunity to work with your daughter. Contact me today for a free 20-minute consultation. 

Shari Battles

Scars Of Hope, LLC (USA)

Shari is the Founder of Scars of Hope, LLC, and Scars of Hope Outreach Inc 501(c)3 non-profit. She is not only certified by the Youth Coaching Institute, but is also a transformational life coach and speaker, who has been certified by life. Growing up as an adoptee in a single parent home, she has personally championed abandonment, rejection, trauma, grief, loss, and various emotional turmoil. As an alumna of Liberty University, Ms. Battles holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is currently certified in 14 different evidenced based curriculums and has an extensive background with working with different populations. She offers life span coaching for all age groups by using evidence-based strategies to assist her clients identify, face, and overcome!


Kirsten Kondonis

The Academic Life Coach (South Africa)

Working as a teacher for over 15 years where I have taught children aged 4 to 18, I noticed a worrying trend over the years. Student’s strength of character and ability to overcome obstacles on their own has declined with each cohort.  Thus the birth of The Academic Life Coach. My specialty lies with young people (13-35 years of age), teachers, parents and early careerists. Below is a brief outline of how I am able to support my youth clients; develop metacognitive skills to aid learning, problem solving, owning ideas, mistakes, frustrations and finding solutions, independence and thinking skills. Preparation for university, life and career in general…Visit my website for an overview of other services.   

Photo by: Ashley Andrade Photography (

Christina Ramirez

Cre8tive Youth Coach (USA)

I am a certified youth coach and certified teacher. As an educator, I have a student-centered approach and foster cre8tivity in learning. I love working with and supporting youth along their personal and academic journey. As a pre-teen, teenager and young adult I went through my own set of personal and academic obstacles, challenges and failures. That journey led me to finding my own spark. I have a YOU centered approach. I am here to listen to YOU, while you are the expert in your own journey. Only you have the answer and as a coach I am here to partner up with you and support you in unfolding the spark inside of you.

Sarah Bishop, MA Ed

Sarah Bishop Coaching (USA)

I help young women ages 13-30 identify and create what they want in their lives while building their sense of agency and ability. In my coaching process teen girls and young women develop strong identity instead of being defined by others; they more deeply know and trust themselves with mental and emotional wellness as a foundation for thriving.  When a young woman is getting to know herself and making life choices, coaching supports her confidence. She can develop her voice, build relationships, create goals with action steps, improve engagement–all because she identifies what matters and is intrinsically motivated to learn and grow.


Kim Charles Younkin

Kim Younkin Coaching

As a Certified Youth Resilience Coach, Academic Coach, and Career Discovery Coach, I partner with young people ages 16-25 to navigate their life story journey. We work together on career discovery exploration and assessments, college and trade school admissions, transitioning to life after high school, empowerment and confidence, and more. Every person has the potential to pursue many paths in their life and I find joy in helping already amazing young people explore what those could be.


Keisha Pettijohn, MA, CDCA

Great But Guarded, Ltd. (USA)

Keisha Pettijohn is all about client-centered coaching. She has an innate ability to connect with her clients and leave them feeling empowered and encouraged. The goals of coaching are very specific to the client and she is excited to watch her clients achieve success, develop resilience, and excel in all areas of their lives. She’s an experienced professional with over 10 years experience in behavioral health. She’s currently a substance abuse counselor, college professor, author, business owner, and sociologist. She offers general life coaching, academic coaching, emotional wellness coaching, and parent coaching. 


Kate Patraw, MEd

Youth Resiliency Coach (USA)

As a Youth Resiliency Coach with a Masters in both Special Education and Elementary Education, I use evidence-based strategies and 19 years of experience working with tweens and teens to help my clients feel heard, loved, connected, and empowered. We tackle everything from school stress and anxiety to managing learning disabilities to fostering self-advocacy skills and more, all in an effort to help clients gain confidence, independence, and resiliency while working on their individualized goals. 


Robert Reed

Coach Reed (USA)

Coach Reed attended James M. Bennett High School where he finished as an Honors & First Team All-Conference student-athlete. He went on to become the starting Right Tackle for Delaware Valley University in Doylestown, PA then followed his career into the Professional Arena Football League. After his football career, he went on to mentor at-risk youth and train football athletes. He now serves as a Linemen Specialist and Certified Resilience Life Coach to transition athletes and youth into resilient leaders. Email him at


Rahul Shah, MA, ACC

Coach Rahul Shah (India)

I support parents, teenagers, and adults through life transition, career, mindset, and leadership development coaching. My aim is to transform a state of helplessness to a state of control, a state of confusion to a state of clarity, and a state of ignorance to a state of knowledge. I have 22 years of corporate experience in coaching, facilitation, and conducting leadership interventions internationally. I have my MA in Psychology and am a certified youth coach and mentor. 


Suzette Layoun

Suzette Layoun Voice to Choice (Dubai)

I work with teens/preteens, families and schools from all backgrounds on different development areas relating to relationships, boundaries, peer pressure, anger management, procrastination, social and career goals. I also coach students preparing for university, applications, career decisions, internships and leadership. 

Brittany Beck

Lead The Way Coaching (USA)

I am a certified Life Coach and Mental Health Coach. Over the years I have been on my own journey of self discovery and healing. Through each stage of life I have struggled and worked through common issues such as anxiety, lack of confidence, maintaining friendships, self care, understanding my worth, and feeling like I wasn’t enough. As a former educator of 15 years, I want to be proactive in helping teen girls handle these common situations and help women understand it’s never too late to understand your value, set big goals, and create the life of your dreams!


Mateo Alzate

Mateo Alzate Life Coaching (USA)

I work with teens/preteens, and families from all backgrounds, especially in the inner-city context. I focus on different development areas relating to relationships, boundaries, peer pressure, emotional vocabulary, procrastination, social and career goals. I also specialize in the areas of managing anxiety and stress, coping skills for ADHD diagnosis, personal core values, and life vision/identity. I have experience and a deep passion to see teens succeed and have the tools they need to navigate life. I am available for online sessions or in-person in the San Francisco, Bay Area.

Heather Cotugno

Together with Coach Heather

I coach teens, tweens, and young adults through life’s uncertainties. My prior career as a special education teacher showed me where I’m able to be most helpful for young people: working with them to develop their confidence, perseverance, and problem-solving skills. I experienced some of these struggles during my own youth and now I’m dedicated to guiding my clients to find their own clarity. My favorite initial response from clients during a session is, “Hmmm that’s a tough question…” because it means they’re about to make a big step forward! And that’s why I do what I do as a coach! I offer in-person life coaching in the Upstate South Carolina, as well as virtual sessions.

Marie Herbert, MA

Marie Helen Coaching Services (UK)

My coaching practice has grown out of 25 years as a specialist educator supporting young people with additional neurodivergent needs.
I provide coaching services in emotional and academic resilience. I provide a specialist approach in empowering young people with a neurodivergent profile whether diagnosed or not, including specialist ADHD coaching. My coaching practice is sensitive to those neurodivergent experiences which may not feature in a formal diagnostic list of symptoms, in particular those relating to Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria (RSD).
As a qualified specialist dyslexia assessor in the UK, I am able to bring psychometric testing into the academic coaching process where information on specific aspects of executive functioning around memory, processing and language for example, may aid self-awareness.


Mimari Akatsu Hall, MA

Hall of Lanterns LLC (USA)

I empower leaders of tomorrow, ages 16+, who are ready to create the future they dream of.  I meet them where they are in their life journey, help them get clarity about their goals, and walk by their side to the destinations they hope to reach one step at a time.  I am excited about the partnership with young talents on their way to making their hopes and dreams come true, exploring possibilities, and supporting them to prepare for life beyond school and transition.  I also partner with parents and caregivers so that they become the best version of themselves as role models and thrive together as a family.


Jennifer Butler

Jennifer Butler Life Coach (USA)

Since childhood I have loved listening and caring for others. It was this passion that led me to earn my AS & BS in Psychology and ultimately train with YCI to become a Certified Youth Life Coach. As a Coach, I utilize evidence based practices  to help my clients visualize their true self, define their needs and core values, and move beyond the outdated personal scripts and unhelpful thoughts that keep them from reaching their full potential. 


Jeremy Wilson, MS, ACC

G & T Coaching (USA)

As a certified coach (MS, BA, CYLC, CYMC) I help people who would like to transform their lives. I work with youth (16+) and adults, specializing in helping those with Asperger’s Syndrome and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). As a parent of a young man with Asperger’s I am aware of the challenges that go with non-neurotypical brain chemistry, but also know the benefits, and there are many. Not only a path to success, my coaching leads to self-acceptance and understanding — and enables you to leverage past experiences to your benefit. 


Shellie Slack, MEd

B.E. Transformation (USA)

Shellie Slack is a committed educator, youth advocate, mentor, youth and parent life coach who was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Shellie has conquered challenges related to losses in her childhood and struggled with abandonment issues, depression, and self-esteem issues. Now, she uses her childhood struggles as a driving force to continue writing and creating personal development books that serve as a resource and tool to help others with self-awareness, self-discovery and mastery of self-perception. 

Elise Phillips, MEd

Pearl Coaching (USA)

Pearls are the gemstone of inner wisdom. I see myself as a guide to help teens and young adults find the gems within themselves and learn how to harness these strengths. We all hold this inner wisdom and must learn how to listen to it. I provide a space for self-discovery, deeper understanding, and finding a path forward. I want my clients to feel heard and understood and that they have agency over their lives. In addition to coaching one-on-one, I work with students in schools, leading groups through a self-discovery program that I created and tightening the net of support to help them be successful in all areas of their lives.


Je'toya Robinson, MR, CFLE, CFLC

Intentional Change LLC

Adolescence can be a challenging phase, often considered the toughest years of one’s life. As a Certified Family Life Coach specializing in serving female teens, my role is to provide valuable support during this crucial period. I assist teenage girls in recognizing and comprehending their emotions, enabling them to gain confidence and enhance their ability to effectively express their feelings with their parents, peers, and other individuals in their lives.By helping these young girls identify and understand their emotions, I empower them to develop self-assurance and emotional intelligence. This, in turn, allows for more effective communication, fostering healthier relationships and promoting a greater sense of self-awareness.

woman smiling

Bethany Smeltzer

Get Ahead of the Curve

My name is Bethany Smeltzer. My focus is helping tweens and teens to find their voice in different circumstances and situations. I want to help them find their confidence so they feel heard. I have worked with tweens, teens, and young adults for many years in different ways. I have a background as a Sunday school teacher for 2-3 year olds for almost 10 years, volunteering/ mentoring fosters tweens and teens for 10 years, an AYSO soccer coach for 8-13 year olds for almost 5 years, and more. I have a certification in life coaching (specializing in tweens, teens and young adults) as well as an independent educational consultant (private college counselor). I have been trained to help with team building, training others on how to train as just some examples.

Alex Hubbard

Inspired Minds Life Coaching

I have always been guided by a desire to help people, especially youth, reach their full potential, and this informs my work as a certified life coach. After beginning my career in the field of international aid work, I became a teacher at high-needs schools. I have spent the last 13 years developing a leadership institute for students that guides them to develop a growth mindset, improve self efficacy, and to connect in their community. Through my work as an educator, I have become acutely aware of many of the issues and obstacles facing youth today and this has brought me into the coaching world. My goal is to help youth, teens, and young adults harness their individual talents and knowledge in order to meet their full potential in all aspects of their lives. This is accomplished through an organic coaching technique that  allows them to have a self-driven transformational experience.

Jean Trujillo

Create a Life You Love (USA)

As a coach, I am a neutral partner who cares about you and your personal growth. I use an inquiry process to help you explore and think more broadly than you would otherwise on your own. What’s holding you back from getting the support to launch you to your next level? One step at a time: I encourage you to reach out to me or any of the other wonderful youth coaches to begin.


Laura Parks

Full Circle Coaching (USA)

Laura works directly with adolescents and young adults to help them realize and understand their worth and value, the power and control they have and how to use it wisely, how to listen to and trust themselves, and how to have healthy relationships; enabling them to build life skills and develop decision making practices. 


Nicole McCarty

Be Stronger Together (USA)

My motto: “Do the best with what God’s given you.” I started Life Coaching because I believe every person has value and a purpose. As a Certified Youth Resilience Coach and licensed special education teacher, I specialize in coaching teens and young adults who need support with: executive dysfunction (time management and organization), ADHD/ADD, autism/ASD and social anxiety. 


Alina Branscombe

The Women's Coaching Center (USA)

I am Alina Branscombe, a certified life coach and owner of The Women’s Coaching Center.
My own journey has included challenges and obstacles that has fostered a passion to help women and teen girls 13-17 years of age become successful and living fulfilled and purpose-driven lives! I want to come alongside you, to help you transform and grow from where you are to the greatest “you” possible. 


Michelle Popp

Perspectives Coaching (USA)

I am an open-minded coach, who will accept all parts of you. There is nothing too taboo to discuss. Whether you’re striving to discover your hidden potential, or just looking to move from striving to thriving, I can help. I am able to assist in all forms of transitions that life may have you in, from job to identity to school. I specialize in Youth/Teen/Young Adult Resilience Coaching. I prefer an organic approach to coaching, because it allows us to move deeper into the issues that truly brought you here. I believe that even the smallest of victories deserve the largest of celebrations! 


Kathleen Tucker

Youth Life Coach (USA)

I have been a trusted resource for parents to find help for their teens and young adults wanting a resource they can confide in. After being a teacher for over 32 years, I had a calling to take my passion directly to those who need it most. There are too many solutions out there that rely on over therapizing young people. I believe those individuals have the answer within and just need someone to guide them. My life coaching centers around recognizing the true challenges being faced, validating those same challenges to help understand and then offering guidance to allow the problem to be solved. 


Alicia Cacho

Greatness Within Me Coaching Inc. (USA)

I live in Freeport, NY, and am a married mother of four. I have a background in Early Childhood Education and over 10 years of experience in childcare and early education programming. I’ve been providing youth services and resources in my community for over 6 years. I believe that everyone has a purpose; and while navigating this road we call life, sometimes, it may be hard to realize what that purpose truly is. It is truly my passion and purpose to help our youth discover that there is God-given greatness within them. 

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Heather LaMontagne

Youth Life Skills Coach (USA)

As the daughter of a psychologist, I grew up absorbing analytical guidance about improving myself and others. Taking a proactive stance in approaching life is not only a belief I hold true, but a way of life I help others manifest. I specialize in self compassion and life skills coaching for teens and young adults because empowering adolescents at this critical developmental stage opens hearts and fundamentally changes lives.


Carine Aubrun

Diamonds Coaching Group (Spain)

As a certified coach and multicultural human resources expert, with over 15 years of experience, I specialise in supporting people in their Academic and Professional journey.
After living and working in more than 10 countries, I am now settled in beautiful Barcelona, Spain, where I founded Diamonds Coaching Group, dedicated to supporting Youth and
Adults. I know the pain of youth struggle, I know the challenges of the corporate world, I know the hardship of expatriation. Your challenges can be overcome, with the right support. If you are ready to take your personal, academic or professional journey to the next level, schedule a free consultation today and let’s get started!


Suzy Martinek

The Young Adult Coach (USA)

I am a Life and Social Skills coach who helps young people, ages 13-30, define their core values and build resilience to live a more confident and fulfilling life, personally and professionally. As a mother of two adult children and youth leader for over 14 years, I am passionate about helping our young people become the best version of themselves. 


Anya Alyzabeth

Life Coach (Canada)

As a certified Youth Resilience Coach I use proven strategies and tools to help young people make good choices in their lives that have a strong impact on how they feel and act in today’s world.
As a Mom to a teen, I see first-hand the struggles that teenagers face these days and can relate to them in a way that they feel encouraged, understood and motivated to make positive changes. 


Christine Lively, MEd

The Teen Ally (USA)

I’ve worked with teens as a teacher in middle school, in high school, a high school librarian, and now as a life coach. The reason for my commitment to teens is simple – I really like them, and teens need fans. My passion for coaching comes from knowing that teens have too many people giving them advice and telling them what to do, and what they really need is someone to listen fully and without judgment while they find their way to the solutions and changes they can make to pursue their passions and goals. 

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Leah Watts

Leah B Rose Coaching (Canada)

At the age of 21 I became a quadriplegic by way of a gunshot wound. I sustained it as a passenger in a vehicle with others who were targeted. I faced a devastating injury that dramatically changed the course of my life. Yet, I overcame adversity and through this experience, I developed fortitude and skills for supporting myself and others through difficult life circumstances. I gained a passion for supporting youth and young adults transitioning into adulthood, as that’s when I like many others, needed guidance the most. As a certified Youth Resilience Coach I apply evidence-based coaching techniques with a collaborative, client-centered approach. I understand the importance of providing a non-judgmental and open space for my clients to feel seen, heard, and safe to be their true, authentic selves.

Amy Brogna

A Way Forward Coaching (USA)

Becoming a Youth Life Coach was really just the next logical step for me. As a certified personal trainer, I have had the privilege of working with countless people of all ages and stages of life for the past 16 years. It has been such an incredible privilege to be able to, not only help my clients with their health and wellness journeys, but to also to be able to empower them emotionally. I have spent much of my life trying to make the lives of others better and I am blessed to continue to be able to do so. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education, YCI Certified Youth Resilience Coach Certification, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Meditation Teacher Training Certificate, and certifications in Reiki levels 1 & 2. I’m also a licensed horseback riding instructor in the state of Massachusetts.

Linda Gillespie

Coach LG (USA)

I’m a mom to four independent and awesome young men (ages 14-32). My life experiences have taught me about creating resiliency and strong self-advocacy. My background and involvement with learning differences, ADHD and social anxiety, along with working toward becoming a Certified Youth Resilience Life Coach provide me with a varied and diverse toolbox. I understand the science of stress, performance, and thriving because I’m also a trauma survivor who overcame the odds to create the life I knew I wanted.


Tamara Barthel, ACC


Two to four million adults in the U.S. live on the autism spectrum. Over 500,000 teens join them every decade. These individuals have some of the highest potential of any in our society. Too often, that potential is limited by challenges that can be managed with adequate support. More support is needed. I created “CReW” (Creative, Resourceful and Whole) to help teens and adults with autism live WELL on the spectrum and reach their full potential. CReW provides training, coaching and resources to teens and adults on the spectrum and their families. 

Julie Holt Lucia

Julie Holt Lucia

Julie Holt Lucia, LLC

As a former dance studio owner and dance educator, I have a special passion for working with teens and young adults in the arts. My coaching specialty is supporting current and former dance students who are striving for goals while navigating obstacles like perfectionism or hyperstress. I help my clients uncover their strengths, stand confidently in their values, believe in themselves, and figure out their best-fit path forward—on and off the stage.