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Stay informed, inspired, and engaged in mentoring and coaching tweens, teens, and young adults with the Youth Coaching Institute blog. Here you’ll discover expert strategies, research, and tools to empower your practice or organization and foster growth and resilience in adolescents.

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What is job or career coaching?

Job or career coaching  Jobs or careers are among the most important resources we can use to establish and maintain independence and provide for ourselves. Since many adults spend most of our waking hours working, how we choose that work-life weighs heavily on our health and satisfaction. If we’re intentional, we can identify and pursue work that energizes us while meeting our needs. If we’re not careful, we can end

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Unlocking Teen Confidence (and Why It Matters for Success and Happiness)

Written by Cameron O’Brien, ACC Confidence isn’t just a feel-good quality in adolescence – it’s the foundational block for success in school, life, and beyond. But how do we unlock that potential in our teens?  Confidence can be acquired and improved over time, at any age. This article defines and explains the importance of confidence, and offers evidence-based strategies to increase it in youth. What is the definition of confidence? 

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The Key to Adult Success: How Having Positive Role Models in Youth Impacts Career and Life

Written by Cameron O’Brien, ACC Why Youth Need Role Models: Paving a Path to a Fulfilling Career  Research has long demonstrated the positive association of having a role model on adolescent behavior and school performance.   A 2023 report called Role Models Matter released by Amazon and Gallup highlights the influence of role models on youth career trajectory.   In the study, working adults who had a successful role model in their childhood were

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3 Key Ways Adults Can Help Teens Develop Resilience in the Face of Failure

Written by Cameron O’Brien, ACC Failure gets a bad rap, but making mistakes can promote growth and learning – especially for adolescents.  Adults can help teens build resilience in the face of failure by instilling confidence in their abilities, establishing a growth mindset, and modeling resilient behavior.  Adolescents and The Fear of Failure:  Fear of failure is exemplified by avoiding mistakes because they could be perceived as shameful or indicate

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Empowering Teens Through Positive Self-Talk: A Guide for Parents and Youth Serving Professionals

Written by Cameron O’Brien, ACC Self-talk is the ongoing internal narrative that exists within our minds, and impacts how we see ourselves and the world around us. Negative self-talk can derail physical, mental, and emotional health – especially in adolescence. This article shares research around the impact of self-talk on youth, and provides examples of how adults can help young people can incorporate more positive self-talk into their life.  What

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Did you know we offer need-based “Full Circle” partial scholarships?

We’ve found plenty of caring adults with a passion to empower disadvantaged youth work in professions that don’t pay as well as they should. Plenty of teachers, non-profit professionals, entry-level professionals, public service professionals, adjunct professors, college students, grad students, retirees, and others would love to earn life coach certifications and support young people, but don’t have the extra income to cover out-of-pocket tuition costs. Most life coach training programs

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