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Looking for a youth life coach? Here’s a handful of our certified coaches who may fit your needs. Just click the link in their profile for a redirect to their coaching website for more about their services. All offer services virtually, internationally. Some offer in-person sessions for those local to their areas. 

This directory is a work in progress. We’re currently in the process of compiling and adding our alumni coaches with availability for new clients. We appreciate your patience as we expand it. 

Dr. Leah Mazzola

I merge psychology and stress management expertise to support clients as they set and pursue goals that enhance their quality of life, education, or work. I offer life, academic, career, and parent coaching for teens, young adults, and early career professionals virtually, internationally, or in-person, for clients local to the Dallas, TX area.

Learn more about my services and availability at LBM Coaching, LLC.

Cyndy Etler

I use evidence-based strategies to help young people figure out what they most want, what’s blocking them, and how they can slay the blocks and create their dream life.

Many adults want to help teens, but don’t know how. With my teen coaching, kids feel heard and understood…and excited about creating positive change. 

Learn more about my services and availability at The Teen Life Coach. 

Dr. Jade Enrique

I work with frustrated, unhappy, and unsure students who are losing faith in themselves. I help them get balanced and unstuck, so they can be brightly confident about their academic and personal lives. Through coaching, students establish concrete action steps and build their awareness of learning and emotional resources/tools. I am passionate about students developing better skills to help them study, learn, and grow brightly. 

Learn more about my services and availability at Bright Balance Coaching.

Phil Black

Phil Black is an Author, Inspirational Speaker, and the Founder of The Manhood Project (TMP). The Manhood Project is a coaching and personal development program designed to maximize the positive qualities of young men, while minimizing their temptations to engage in at-risk behavior. The program focuses on character building, development of communication skills, and personal exploration.

Learn more about Phil’s services and availability at My Coach Black and The Manhood Project. 

Davida I. Arnold

As a life coach, I help youth and adults to achieve the goals, solve the problems, and make the changes they have not been able to do on their own. I am a Board Certified Coach (BCC), and I also have a Master of Science degree in pastoral counseling. In addition to being a coach, I am a wife and a mother of four children. My home base is in Ohio, but I coach clients worldwide, using Zoom.

Learn more about my services and availability at Davida I. Arnold. 

Suzette Layoun

I work with teens/preteens, families and schools from all backgrounds on different development areas relating to relationships, boundaries, peer pressure, anger management, procrastination, social and career goals. I also coach students preparing for university, applications, career decisions, internships and leadership.

I hold a Masters degree in Executive Leadership from Cornell University. UAE, Dubai Based.

Learn more about my services and availability at Suzette Layoun – Voice to Choice.

Deborah Brown

In my practice, Wild Spirit Coaching, I support young adults age 18-30 move toward thriving in independence. We tackle topics like managing anxiety and strong emotions, identifying core values, creating a life vision, gaining essential life skills, and job/education exploration, among others. Sessions take place online or in-person in the Portland, Oregon area.

Learn more about my services and availability at Wild Spirit Coaching.

Liezel Lane

I specialize in coaching teens, millennials and parents in life, school and careers. My professional experience includes 15 years in corporate organizations in Learning & Development, Executive Coaching and Human Resources and 10 years as the founder and Executive Director
of a 501(c)3 non-profit called Atlanta S.E.E.Ds Inc. (Self-Esteem Empowerment and Education through Dance) where I mentor, coach and help youth expand into their future in a safe and judgment free after school program. Learn more about my coaching services and availability at My Teen Life Coach.

Linda Conway Hensley

I am a practicing school psychologist and coach with over 20 years in the education and mental wellness fields. My passion is working with teens and young adults (16+) as they strive towards the life they dream of as well as supporting parents in their parenting journey. I am uniquely qualified to provide youth and young adult coaching, academic coaching, parent coaching and educational advocacy support. Our work together will be collaborative in nature and will provide you with practical strategies stemming from evidence based practices. When we work together, you’ll leave sessions feeling lighter, focused, empowered, and energized to take the next steps towards your goals.

Find out more about me and my practice at Accomplish Coaching, LLC.

Tiffany McGahee

As a Teen Coach, Tiffany is authentic and comes from a place of compassion in her approach with Teens. She provides a warm and safe space where partnering with your teen to identify their own strength, set & achieve goals, learn new tools to eliminate negative thinking, improve communication, and above all acceptance in order to reach their full potential. Tiffany received her Bachelors in Social Work from the University of South Florida. After moving to Atlanta, she earned her Masters in Social Work from the University of Georgia.

Learn more about my services and availability at Brown Girl Collective. 

Dr. Jennifer Watson

I help teens and young adults overcome their struggles by giving them the tools and strategies to dig deep and discover who they are, what they love and where they want to go. Together, we identify and nurture their sparks – those skills, talents, pursuits, and interests that they find deeply motivating and enjoyable – and turn those sparks into a meaningful, fulfilling life path. Incorporating evidence-based strategies and proven techniques, I use an individualized approach to create a custom coaching experience that meets each young person right where they are and helps them grow and begin to stretch out towards new goals with passion and purpose.

Find more about my services and availability at Find the GEM Coaching.

Crystal Drayton

Coach Crystal is a passionate and innovative Youth Life Coach who is dedicated to partnering with youths and young adults (ages 14-24). I am committed to helping them gain the clarity, focus and direction that is needed to overcome obstacles and keep moving forward. I believe that everyone holds the answers to their own questions within them and I am eager to help my clients discover the possibilities.

I also hold a Master’s Degree in Child Advocacy and Policy, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

Learn more about my services by visiting I Rise Coaching.

Davina McKnight

Coach and founder of Rap City Group; a private coaching and consulting practice along with a youth services nonprofit. Davina has spent the last 12 years in retail, finding success in managing customer relations, training and coaching employees within diverse industries to enhance comprehensive, quality services. She now helps clients gain awareness and clarification around specific obstacles in order to set impactful goals and act. She specializes in life, career and academic coaching.

Learn more about my services and availability at My Millennial Coach.

Derneeka Cruse, MBA

“So many years of education, yet nobody ever taught us how to love and care for ourselves and why it is so important.” Derneeka is a mother, educator, yoga and meditation teacher, life coach for mothers, daughters and educators, and an intuitive medium. Derneeka’s life journey, specifically, her mothering journey has lead her to help mothers and daughters of color. Derneeka works with mothers and daughters to help them discover their unique selves outside and within their relationship so that together, they can create a new path for all the generations that will come after them.

Learn more about her services and availability at You, In Bloom, LLC

Mateo Alzate

I work with teens/preteens, and families from all backgrounds, especially in the inner-city context. I focus on different development areas relating to relationships, boundaries, peer pressure, emotional vocabulary, procrastination, social and career goals. I also specialize in the areas of managing anxiety and stress, coping skills for ADHD diagnosis, personal core values, and life vision/identity. I have experience and a deep passion to see teens succeed and have the tools they need to navigate life. I am available for online sessions or in-person in the San Francisco, Bay Area.

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Catherine Kurz Smith

In a world full of competing pressures and expectations, it can be difficult to know who you are, what you want, and what’s getting in the way of your success. As a Board Certified Coach, I utilize an evidence-based approach that illuminates individual strengths and resources and is action-based. We are all capable of overcoming limiting beliefs and self-defeating behavior. Sometimes we just need a little help envisioning the path forward and then taking the necessary steps.

Learn more about my services and availability at Restory Project. 

Jeremy Wilson

As a certified coach (MS, BA, CYLC, CYMC) I help people who would like to transform their lives. I work with youth (16+) and adults, specializing in helping those with Asperger’s Syndrome and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). As a parent of a young man with Asperger’s I am aware of the challenges that go with non-neurotypical brain chemistry, but also know the benefits, and there are many. Not only a path to success, my coaching leads to self-acceptance and understanding — and enables you to leverage past experiences to your benefit. Learn more about my services and availability at Growth and Transformation Coaching.

Tamara Barthel

Two to four million adults in the U.S. live on the autism spectrum. Over 500,000 teens join them every decade. These individuals have some of the highest potential of any in our society. Too often, that potential is limited by challenges that can be managed with adequate support. More support is needed. I created “CReW” (Creative, Resourceful and Whole) to help teens and adults with autism live WELL on the spectrum and reach their full potential. CReW provides training, coaching and resources to teens and adults on the spectrum and their families.

Learn more about my services and availability at CReW.

Rahul Shah

I support parents, teenagers, young adults and adults through life transition coaching, career coaching, mindset, and leadership development coaching.

My aim is to transform a state of helplessness to a state of control, a state of confusion to a state of clarity, and a state of ignorance to a state of knowledge. I aim to help parents who are the key influencers for the upcoming generation. 

I have 22 years of corporate experience in coaching, facilitation, and conducting leadership interventions internationally. 

I have my MA in Psychology and am a certified youth coach and mentor.

Learn more about my services and availability at Coach Rahul.

Jennifer Butler

Since childhood I have loved listening and caring for others. It was this passion that led me to earn my AS in Psychology, my BA in Psychology, and ultimately training with YCI and becoming a Certified Youth Life Coach.

As a Coach, I utilize evidence based practices such as Dialectal Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Compassion Focused Therapy (in a NON therapy venue) to help my clients visualize their true self, define their needs and core values, and move beyond the outdated personal scripts and unhelpful thoughts that keep them from reaching their full potential.

Learn more about my services and availability at Jennifer Butler Life Coach. 

Lillian Powell

I am a certified life coach and human behaviorist who is at a stage in life to be able to give back to the next generations by providing the tools, strategy & unconditional support to help people create meaningful changes within their lives.

In the corporate world for many decades and the past 5-6 years as a substitute teacher & school counselor, I have plenty of insight into the many struggles adolescents, young adults & seniors face in trying to navigate life, school and careers. I successfully raised two children (mostly as a single parent), so I’m also well aware of the challenges parenting brings.
Once you learn how to navigate these oftentimes turbulent waters, the rewards far outweigh the challenges.

Learn more about my services and availability at Generativity Coaching

Brigid Howard

As a counselor for many years, I have helped teens and adults of all abilities and difference work through barriers to reach their goals. My passion for working with young adults, and love of learning led me to
YCI. Life Coach training opened my eyes and heart to an empowering non-directive approach to help promote new paths. Combined with my psychology experience, I offer services to best assist the needs of individuals who want to move forward, discover themselves, and reach
their potential.

I am a Certified Youth Coach, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and hold a Master’s degree in Counseling Education.

Learn more about my services and availability at Brigid Howard.

Courtney Barton

Are you someone who has the desire to create a better life for yourself, but lack the follow-through to make it happen?  If so, you are not alone.  As a certified mentor and leadership coach, I apply proven coaching techniques to help you get “unstuck.” Together we will plan action steps, discover ways to help you stay motivated, identify barriers, and work as a team to see your goals achieved!  I specialize in life and personal development including desistance and recovery, academics, career and professional development, leadership development, conflict resolution, and temperament and personality profiling.
Learn more about my services and availability at Courtney Barton Life Coach.

Dina Scippa

Dina is passionate about working with adolescent girls to develop skills to help them feel like their most confident selves.  She provides a safe space for girls to own their strengths, set and achieve goals, eliminate negative self-talk, and above all, embrace the fundamental belief that they are enough.

Dina received her Bachelor’s in International Affairs from American University in Washington, DC and a Master’s degree in Gender and Development from the University of London. 

Learn more about her services and availability at Enough Labs.

Joy Robinson

For over ten years, Joy has worked closely with teen girls, young women, and moms to help them learn, grow, and thrive. As a certified coach, Joy combines listening and empathy with straight talk and accountability for a dynamic coaching experience that will move you forward into the life you truly want to live.

Joy lives in Los Angeles and works with clients across the globe via Zoom. 

Learn more about her services and availability at Authentic Girl Coaching.

Suzy Martinek

I am a Life and Social Skills coach who helps young people, ages 13-30, define their core values and build resilience to live a more confident and fulfilling life, personally and professionally. As a mother of two adult children and youth leader for over 14 years, I am passionate about helping our young people become the best version of themselves.

Learn more about her services and availability – virtually and in-person in Denver, CO at The Young Adult Coach

Racquel Garcia

I am a trauma survivor, teenage bride, recovered alcoholic, welfare recipient and I thrive with a chronic illness. That was my #Hard.

I am also a sober wife, mother, social entrepreneur, counselor, life coach, spiritual guide, author and speaker. This is my #Beauty.

I’ve had my share of breakups, breakdowns and breakthroughs…I did my work.

I put my life back together piece by piece and I am here to help you do your work.

Learn more about her services and availability at Hard Beauty

Benita Cleveland

As a retired high school counselor and youth mentor at my church, I have worked with disadvantaged and at-risk teens for over 20 years. I meet your teen where they are at that moment. I gain their trust by building a relationship with them. Once the relationship is established the child knows without a doubt that I care for them. I have learned that children will perform at their best potential when they know the expectation of their ‘fans’.

Learn more about her services and availability at Step by Step Life Coach.

Shellie Slack

Shellie Slack is a committed educator, youth advocate, mentor, youth and parent life coach who was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Shellie has conquered challenges related to losses in her childhood and struggled with abandonment issues, depression, and self-esteem issues. Now, she uses her childhood struggles as a driving force to continue writing and creating personal development books that serve as a resource and tool to help others with self-awareness, self-discovery and mastery of self-perception. 

Learn more about her services and availability at B. E. Transformation. 

Nicole McCarty

First things first. I’m not the “typical” life coach. My eyes squint in every picture I’m in. I don’t always use appropriate language. I often talk and talk and talk…but not when I’m listening to you. I love to learn about people. 

I am a licensed Special Education teacher. I teach students who have emotional disturbances. I offer 10+ years in the non-profit sector empowering children and adults with disabilities to identify and achieve their educational, vocational, leadership and self-advocacy goals.

Learn more about my coaching services at Be Stronger Together.

Alanna Beare

I provide Life Coaching for youth (14+) who may be struggling with relationships, school, decision making or any number of challenges in an unbiased environment with managed conversations that allows clients to explore their strengths and goals to develop solutions.

I have a technical background and a professional career but my passion continues with youth development and well-being. I have a Masters Certificate in Youth Development and Certification in Youth Coaching.

Learn more about my services and availability at My Life My Best. 

Christine Lively

I’ve worked with teens as a teacher in middle school, in high school, a high school librarian, and now as a life coach. The reason for my commitment to teens is simple – I really like them, and teens need fans. My passion for coaching comes from knowing that teens have too many people giving them advice and telling them what to do, and what they really need is someone to listen fully and without judgment while they find their way to the solutions and changes they can make to pursue their passions and goals. 

I earned an MEd. in. Secondary English Education and am a Certified Life Coach. Learn more about my availability and services at Christine Lively.

Michelle Mckoy

Michelle Mckoy, coach and founder of Discovering (Me). Michelle has over 10 years of experience. Her mission through coaching is to inspire, encourage and motivate; to aid Youth and Young adults to live life to their fullest potential, by helping to identify and focus on the things that are important to them and assisting with accelerating success.

Learn more about her services and availability at Discovering (Me)

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