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Teenage female in therapy session in psychologist's office

What is youth life coaching?

Youth are…

Tweens, teens, and emerging adults (18-25)

What youth will learn through life coaching

As youth life coaches, we support tweens, teens, and emerging adults as they navigate life, relationships, school and job commitments with a focus on enhancing well-being and reducing unnecessary distress. We help them gain clarity and make decisions that fit who they are, how they want to live, and who they want to be in the world. We enhance outcomes through these channels:

Resource Optimization

Helping youth identify and use the internal and external tools presently available to them to begin moving toward their goals. We support positive identity development in this process by helping our clients become more aware of their natural strengths, interests, values, skills, and talents. It’s easy to focus on what we believe we’re lacking or what we perceive as our weaknesses. Sometimes, we can use some help shifting our focus back to what we’re already good or great at and using those things to build the life we want. 

Personal Development

We build our client’s sense of power to choose goals that matter to them, pursue those goals, and achieve them. We support youth as they prioritize managing their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, self-care, and other healthy habits to enhance their chances of achieving their goals in a balanced way that protects the person in the process.  

Social Development

We facilitate social and emotional learning and related skill building. Through this focus, our clients become more aware of the importance of positive social connections and relationships to success and well-being.

School and Work Development

This work is about goal-orientation for fit in education, job paths, and prosocial groups aligned with our client’s goals. We coach our clients through the research and considerations necessary to

Change the lives of youth. Starting today.