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Empowering Teens: Why Self-Advocacy Matters & How Adults Can Help

Written by Cameron O’Brien, ACC Introduction It is critical to get adolescents accustomed to representing themselves and their interests. Parents and guardians can only act on the behalf of an adolescent for so long; knowing what you need and finding a way to get the need met is a crucial step towards adulthood. What is […]

Talk Like a Pro: Practical Strategies for Open Communication with Teens

female high school student on phone by lockers

Written by Cameron O’Brien, ACC Adolescence is a developmental stage where young people tend to pull away from their parents and assert independence by shouldering tasks alone or by guarding emotions. Nevertheless, it is important for parents and adults to engage young people in regular conversations around their feelings, values, aspirations, and mental health. Keeping […]

Understanding Teen Mood Swings: Causes & 3 Helpful Tips for Adults

Written by Cameron O’Brien, ACC If you are around a teenager, chances are you’ve caught the fiery wrath of a teen having an “off day.” As they grow up, it might seem like those days are occurring more frequently. You’re noticing that your adolescent’s mood fluctuates often – and when you ask them what’s going […]

Unlocking Teen Confidence (and Why It Matters for Success and Happiness)

Woman with strong arms drawn on chalkboard behind her

Written by Cameron O’Brien, ACC Confidence isn’t just a feel-good quality in adolescence – it’s the foundational block for success in school, life, and beyond. But how do we unlock that potential in our teens?  Confidence can be acquired and improved over time, at any age. This article defines and explains the importance of confidence, […]

The Key to Adult Success: How Having Positive Role Models in Youth Impacts Career and Life

Father and son fixing car, dad teaching teen boy to repair engine, role model

Written by Cameron O’Brien, ACC Why Youth Need Role Models: Paving a Path to a Fulfilling Career  Research has long demonstrated the positive association of having a role model on adolescent behavior and school performance.   A 2023 report called Role Models Matter released by Amazon and Gallup highlights the influence of role models on youth career […]

3 Key Ways Adults Can Help Teens Develop Resilience in the Face of Failure

man and child walking and talking

Written by Cameron O’Brien, ACC Failure gets a bad rap, but making mistakes can promote growth and learning – especially for adolescents.  Adults can help teens build resilience in the face of failure by instilling confidence in their abilities, establishing a growth mindset, and modeling resilient behavior.  Adolescents and The Fear of Failure:  Fear of […]