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Our coaching programs are designed for youth and emerging adults ages 14-24

Our clients come to coaching to reach goals that matter most to their life satisfaction. A coach can help you 

  • – get clear on life, college, or career direction 

  • – improve motivation, performance, and engagement in school or work

  • – build confidence and effectiveness

  • – reduce unhelpful stress

  • – build social and emotional skills

  • – or succeed through positive behavior change.​

YCI trained coaches offer services that include opening intake assessments, client-selected goals, research and planning for goal achievement, skill building, and a positive, non-judgmental accountability partner in the form of a certified coach specially trained in behavioral science-based coaching.

Here’s a highlight of some of the common focus areas they guide clients through. 

Youth may be coached through the following topics to enhance self-awareness: Self-concept, personality, strengths, needs, desires, values, interests/passions, future vision, meaning/purpose, goal-setting, skill-building

Youth may be coached through the following topics to enhance social-awareness: Social groups, social roles, social values/morals, relationships, relationship needs, relationship desires, relationship audit, structural support for goal achievement, most valuable people identification, social/emotional skills audit, social/emotional skill-building

Youth may be coached through the following topics to enhance academic-awareness: Academic performance audit, motivation, confidence, capacity and strategy, time management and prioritization, approaches to learning and study strategies, goal setting, and goal striving through achievement.

Youth may be coached through the following topics to support research and planning for life post-graduation: Participants process through personality, strengths, and interests assessments, complete all elements of a job/career-awareness inventory, conduct the research and exploration necessary to identify life direction beyond high school graduation, identify needs and gaps, begin skill development in those areas, and earn a certificate of completion.

Youth involved in high-risk behavior may be coached through the following topics to enhance chances of positive reform: Agency – belief in the ability to choose and take action to achieve goals, self-determined motivation – an internal commitment to goal achievement, meaning and purpose – beyond self and life direction, structural supports conducive to positive reform, self-regulation and self-development, social capital audit and shifting, behavior modification – consistent, meaningful action toward reform goals. This service is ideal for youth with a history of delinquency, substance abuse, and those reintegrating into communities after release from retention in the juvenile justice system. 

Find a YCI Certified Youth Life Coach for 1:1 Work

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Group Coaching for Teens

Rise and Thrive Coaching Group - Winter 2021 Enrolling

Ages 17-19
Full Scholarship + Stipend
  • Includes a combination of individual and group sessions with a life, academic, and job fit coaching + psychoeducation focus
  • 1st month - Four 45-minute 1:1 sessions plus bi-weekly 45-minute group sessions
  • 2nd month - Three 1:1 45-minute sessions plus bi-weekly 45-minute group sessions
  • 3rd month - Two 1:1 45-minute sessions plus bi-weekly 45-minute group sessions
  • Facilitator/Coach: Leah B. Mazzola, PhD, PCC, BCC
  • Location: Zoom online meetings
  • Program Cost: $1,575 per coachee is covered in full by YCI
  • (Participants accepted into the program also receive a $30 per session stipend)
  • Application Deadline: December 30, 2020
  • January-March schedule to be determined based on group member availability
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