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“When I started out on my coaching journey, getting quality coaching training was, and will always be, one of my top priorities. YCI has not disappointment me and has provided me with top-notch, evidenced-based coach training. What I find the most helpful are the class format and supervision. YCI takes it training beyond what other coach training programs do by (1) incorporating time into each class for practice and (2) incorporating supervision as a mandatory and vital part of the training. I leave every class feeling more prepared and more encouraged to do my work as a coach. Coaching is a serious and pivotal helping profession. YCI sets the standard in coaching training. YCI treats coach training with the seriousness and quality that coach training deserves. I cannot recommend YCI enough to anyone who wants to enter the coaching profession or master their skills as a coach.” – Davida A., Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Being in the people business, I thought I knew a lot about Coaching until I entered the CYLC program. I was absolutely blown away at how little I really knew. Leah B. Mazzola is an incredible coach and trainer. I recommend her with the highest regard. Her ability to blend professionalism with a down to earth coaching style is remarkable. For the first time in a long time I actually look forward to learning and growing myself as a coach. If you’re looking for comprehensive coaching training that fits your busy lifestyle, CYLC is perfect for you.” -Reko H., Dallas, TX

“The CYLC Training program is a well organized, well thought out, and well delivered program. The material covered and the way it is presented to the trainees (open for questions and comments throughout) provides an excellent learning environment. Also, the fact that the instructional portion of the training is recorded and available to play back if needed is great! After covering the material for the week there is always a demonstration, which helps to pull everything together and provides a better understanding of what you are reading in the books and handouts. The practice sessions with other trainees is also a great way to practice what you have learned. I’ve actually personally benefited from just from going through the practice sessions with other coach trainees, being coached. Sometimes you just need to talk things out even though you really already know the answers to what you want to be doing with yourself and your life. Overall, great course!” – Jeremiah B., CYLC, Wayne, NJ

“As an educator, I’m no stranger to learning something new. However, as a first time coach, I have to admit that many of coaching concepts can be very intimidating! Thankfully the CYLC program is well planned and strategic. The readings reinforce all of the theory, while the visuals and practice bring the research to life in real world scenarios.  Best of all, class only meets once a week and can fit just about anyone’s schedule. So if you are truly looking to make a difference in the lives of others, the CYLC program needs to be your first step. And if you are like me you will definitely learn something about yourself in the process!” -Mark B., Dallas, TX

“The CYLC training program is designed to educate trainees to develop helpful techniques in order to coach at-risk and high risk youth. The program also provides realistic coaching in which the trainee has the opportunity to coach one on one with a fellow trainee or with the instructor. At the end of each session, feedback is provided in order to help trainees improve and strengthen their coaching skills. I’ve utilized the skills that I’ve learned from the program to help improve myself personally and professionally in the workplace. I strongly recommend the CYLC program to those who want to make a difference by giving back to the community and helping those in need.” – Jennifer O., Plano, TX

“I have been enrolled in this wonderful program for 10 weeks now and I can honestly say that it is changing my life. Leah is a great teacher and mentor. She offers profound insight and challenges your thinking, while supporting you throughout the coursework and classes. Every day we meet as a class, we all marvel at how much we are learning, changing, and growing. This course is invaluable! It offers lessons that will enrich your life as well as your clients’ lives. The tuition is affordable and the classes are convenient. Sign up today! See you in class!” – Tori E., Dallas, TX

“Working with Leah at the Youth Coaching Institute has been a wonderful experience. She is extremely knowledgable in working with youth as well as adults. Not only does she bring a wealth of emerically based evidence to support her coaching methods, she also brings fun and humor, like using movie references to elaborate on coaching concepts. Gaining certification from the Youth Coaching Institute has not only expanded my professional knowledge of values and personal growth, but also has allowed me to explore these concepts in my own life. I would recommend this program to anyone that is interested in becoming a coach.” Keegan K., Fond du Lac, WI

“YCI’s youth coach training program is incredible. I am nearing the end of my training, and I have learned more than I could have hoped. My strengths as a coach have been reinforced, and my toolkit as a coach is larger than ever. I’ve been able to practice what I’ve learned with my peers in the course, and we have all grown together. I am on currently coaching my first practice client, as are some of my peers. The experience of coaching real clients is quintessential to growth as a coach; it has given me the opportunity to put my coaching skills to the test on a weekly basis, while continuing to grow my knowledge and skills through coaching training. I could not have asked for better – I highly recommend this training program to anyone interested in becoming a trained Youth Coach.” Bradley W., Plano, TX

“The CYLC Coaching program was the tool that I needed to further the vision of my business and be more successful in my work with children.” Sylvia White, Vision CoachFounder, Vizion Kidz Network, SC

“Leah has the incredible ability to reach people of all socioeconomic and educational levels. Her “go with the flow” style of coaching adds a personal touch to make anyone feel comfortable when being coached, trained, or mentored. She has the ability to relate to any situation and the passion she has for this service is undeniable.” – Willie E., Dallas, TX

“The training with Leah is phenomenal! Not only are we learning how we can make a difference in anyone’s life but the training also allows you to look into yourself and make a change within your own life too.  Everything that we learn in class can immediately be put into practice.  I look forward to the content and the engaged learning environment that Leah provides for us each week!” – Jessica D., San Antonio, TX

“I started the coaching training program with YCI in September.  The program provides me the opportunity to gain understanding of the curriculum and practice what I have learned.  YCI provides many resources and tools useful in becoming an effective youth coach, which caters to all types of learners.  One thing that I have gained, which was unexpected, was a deeper understanding of who I am and what I want because I have an opportunity to coach or be coached every week!!  I would definitely recommend this program to anyone with the goal of coaching teens.  I would also recommend it to anyone in a leadership position.” – Foxye J. Dallas, TX

Founder’s discussion with a clinical psychologist regarding coaching:

CP: “You are already working in the field of prevention and rehabilitation with your coaching company. From what you say it is clear you are filling a very important void. I like coaching because since it is perceived differently from therapy, it seems to be received more positively by the general public. Do you think that is the case? I train health coaches, and they do the same thing as a psychologist would (in a more restricted area of practice) and yet by not being ‘in therapy’ the client’s approach to the relationship is completely different. It is an innovative way to help individuals.”

Leah: “I do find coaching is better received not only by the public, but by the client. Therapy is so stigmatized that the client is many times hesitant to believe they need to take the step. Coaching is a positive step to enhance, rather than fix, which aids in attracting people who would not otherwise seek help. The client’s approach to the relationship is also absolutely different. They are much more open and cooperative through the sessions as they are really seeking help to achieve results.”

CP: “Yes to all you write. It is probably a major change in psychology, the first in decades that has the client in mind. I love my profession, but I do think that it is often entrenched in its beliefs and in protecting the status quo and not open enough to change.”

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