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Youth Coaching Institute, LLC. exists to meet a need for social-emotional learning and wellness for at-risk and high-risk youth and young people. We condition mindsets for success despite perceived limitations. Our program serves a preventive function for young people with limited resources and a restorative function for young people who have been in contact with the law or justice system and need support getting back on track. Many of our participants lack the resources to afford ours or many other services to move them forward. We address this need by offering severe sliding scale and pro bono coaching on a need basis. We also offer scholarship opportunities for young people interested in our Certified Peer Mentor Coach and Certified Youth Leadership Coach training. Sponsors help cover the costs of these heavily reduced or free services to participants or trainees. If you or your organization would like to get involved please contact us! We need your help!

Sponsor Packages

All sponsors are recognized on our website and materials for the particular event or individual sponsored.

Individual Youth Sponsor (One hour once weekly for three months minimum).

$360 covers three months of one-on-one coaching for one young participant. The coach and client meet once weekly for one hour during which time they work on competency building, goal setting, planning, and action steps to move the client forward. 

Group Coaching Sponsor (One hour once weekly for three months minimum).

$800 covers a group coaching program for 10 young people for one month. Our group coaching programs are delivered in at-risk or high-risk schools or other youth serving organizations/agencies.

$2,400 covers a group coaching program for 10 young people for three months.

***We are currently preparing for a three month group coaching program in high-risk Dallas ISD schools Fall 2014. This is a perfect opportunity for a corporate sponsor to help support our effort there, expand our effort there, and be recognized for community involvement. Please reach out with interest.

Certified Peer Mentor Coach Scholarship

Our CPMC program trains and certifies older students who are doing well to serve as mentors for younger students who are struggling in school. CPMC training occurs over 8 weeks and includes 16 hours of lecture, demonstration, practice, and supervision in coaching techniques.

$500 covers a CPMC scholarship for one young person.

Certified Youth Leadership Coach Scholarship

Our youth coach training program is the only coach specific training of its kind designed for social change agents working directly with at-risk or high-risk youth. Many of our trainees are public servants who do not earn much and cannot comfortably afford to train. We offer reduced rates or scholarships on a need basis to meet this need.

$2,500 covers a full tuition scholarship for a deserving coach trainee who otherwise could not afford to train.  Every additional coach helps us expand our reach and capacity to work with additional sliding scale and pro bono clients.

About Youth Coaching Institute

Behavioral science-based coaching services for youth, emerging adults, and youth-serving professionals. We offer life skills training, individual and group coaching for youth ages 14-24; and life coach training and certification for youth-serving professionals.

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