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We are a community of professional coaches for social responsibility. We apply coaching expertise to promote positive, empowering interventions for underserved, marginalized populations. Our members are trained, credentialed coaches, or coaches in training, who contribute to positive social change one client at a time, one group at a time, one post at a time, one interaction at a time….you get the gist!

Coaches join to demonstrate a commitment to our work. They get a chance to network with like-minded peers, share value with our audience, and connect with potential clients who may be a great fit.

Clients join to connect with a community of empowerment professionals in a safe and supportive forum.

Our community is in pilot phase. We appreciate your registration and engagement! Let’s spread some positive energy online!


About Youth Coaching Institute

Behavioral science-based coaching services for youth, emerging adults, and youth-serving professionals. We offer life skills training, individual and group coaching for youth ages 14-24; and life coach training and certification for youth-serving professionals.

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