Resilience Coaching Program Curriculum- Desistance & Positive Reform Edition – Juvenile Diversion


This is a packaged coaching program for professionals, agencies, schools, or organizations supporting offenders through transitions away from crime. The program is grounded in Dr. Leah Mazzola’s desistance research and intended to be delivered by certified coaches. Research overview available via Dissertation: A Phenomenological Inquiry into Identity Change on the Path to Long-term Criminal Desistance (Scholarworks) and Booklet: How We Did It: A Guide for Juvenile and Emerging Adult Offenders Ready for Positive Reform (Amazon)

Package Content: The package includes 12 PowerPoints with speaker’s notes for weekly group coaching, a group participant guide, a coach’s guide for 12 weeks of 1:1 coaching sessions, coaching activities, and the program agenda. It’s designed for teens or young adults with a history of delinquency or criminality who are committed to positive behavior change.

Facilitators: This program is designed to be delivered by coaches under the supervision of a Certified Youth Resilience Coach or ICF-credentialed coach.

Coaching hours and participation:
The total program consists of 24 hours of desistance and positive reform education and coaching over a period of 12 weeks in the following format:
• Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions with the assigned coach – 30-45 minutes each
• Weekly group coaching sessions – 60 minutes each – (maximum group participants 10)

Program Objectives:
1. A coach facilitator introduces participants to factors of the Desistance and Positive Reform (DPR) model during group sessions

DPR Model Factors:
o Self-determined motivation and commitment to change
o A sense of agency and power to choose and act toward desired goals
o Self-regulation and self-development
o Identifying and pursuing structural supports (e.g., education, jobs, positive social relationships, etc.)
o Altering social capital toward relationships conducive to positive change goals
o Immersing and adapting to the chosen structural supports
o Identifying and leveraging meaning and purpose beyond self and beyond desistance