Resilience Coaching Program Curriculum – Academic Edition


This is a packaged coaching program for professionals, agencies, schools, or organizations committed to empowering teens or emerging adults to thrive in their academic pursuits.

Package Content: The package includes 11 PowerPoints with speaker’s notes for weekly group coaching, a group participant guide, a coach’s guide for 11 weeks of 1:1 coaching sessions, coaching activities, and the program agenda.

Facilitators: This program is designed to be delivered by coaches under the supervision of a Certified Youth Resilience Coach, ICF-credentialed coach, or a Certified Coach who completed an ICF-approved coach training program.

Coaching hours and participation:

The total program consists of 17 hours of academic resilience education and coaching over a period of 11 weeks in the following format:

  • Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions with the assigned coach – 30-45 minutes each
  • Weekly group resilience education and coaching sessions – 30-60 minutes each – (maximum group participants 16)

*Content may be delivered as a combined group and 1:1 program as stated above or in a full 1:1 format.

Program Objectives:

A coach facilitator introduces participants to behavioral science-based factors of the YCI model during group sessions

Coach facilitator matches an assigned coach to each participant. The assigned coach will support the participant through applying weekly learning to their own life during private 1:1 coaching sessions.

Coaches and facilitator enhance participants understanding of how to

  • leverage internal and external resources to begin moving toward self-determined academic goals, leverage personal strengths, traits, and skills conducive to goal pursuit,
  • identify life direction and set and pursue goals in line with that direction,
  • align themselves with people, places, and spaces conducive to goal pursuit,
  • develop skills derived from learning science and make behavior modifications necessary to enhance approaches to learning, academic resilience, and chances of success through goal striving.