Life Coach Training – Winter 1 2024 Daytime/Weekday – USA – Stages 1-2, Certified Youth Well-being Coach, Registration Fee for Payment Plan


    • 50 training hours over 14 weeks
    • Stage 1 content +
    • Training and development in YCI model coaching competencies
    • Intensive practice and supervision
    • 2-3 opportunities for formal supervision and pass/fail feedback
    • Ideal for youth-serving professionals who will be adding coaching to their work with tweens, teens, and emerging adults, but have no interest in independent practice or business building
    • Total training tuition is $1,350. There is a 5% additional fee for the payment plan. The payment plan breaks down to a $375 non-refundable registration fee plus 3 monthly payments of $347.50 each. Payment plan installments begin 30 days after the first training date.

    **Candidates must be 18-years-old or older
    Tip: Our training programs are ideal for professionals working directly with tweens, teens, and emerging adults, professionals leading organizations serving these populations, or those who aim to serve this audience in some capacity.
    Life coaching is a helping profession focused on learning and growth. Thus, it is a wonderful skillset addition for those in or interested in a career path within helping professions or education (e.g., human resources, counseling, social work, human services, nursing, teaching, public health, etc.) 


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