Our Team

Leah B. Mazzola, PhD, PCC, BCC - Founder/Owner, Executive Director

Dr. Leah is responsible for all research and development initiatives in line with our mission and values. She facilitates one to two training cohorts yearly to ensure our content and training programs remain up-to-date and effective for the diverse audiences we serve. She maintains a small private coaching practice LBM Coaching, LLC where she offers life, academic, career, and parent coaching for adolescents and adults. She discovered the power of coaching through her doctoral studies as she investigated why some high-risk youth overcome the barriers to success while others do not. This research led her to coaching to combat marginalization and trauma with resilience building and empowerment. Her passion for the work is very personal as a thriving adult who overcame trauma, poverty, and juvenile delinquency to create a future she never imagined possible while deep in the struggle.


Life coach training and practicum supervision
ICF mentor coaching for ICF ACC and PCC applicants
Life, academic, career, and parent coaching
Desistance coaching for young people involved in delinquency, alternative sentencing, and juvenile justice reintegration support
Program development consulting for organizations offering coaching services for adolescents


PhD in Psychology with Forensic Psychology specialization
o Expertise: Criminal desistance and positive reform
o Dissertation: A Phenomenological Inquiry into Identity Change on the Path to Long-term Criminal Desistance
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration
Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice

Board Certified Coach – Center for Credentialing & Education

Professional Certified Coach – International Coach Federation – Registered ICF Mentor Coach
Over 250 hours of coach specific training

The Life Stuff

  • – a Hispanic/Indigenous American who grew up one of seven kids in poverty,

  • – experienced all 10 assessed Adverse Childhood Experiences,

    – spent teens involved in delinquency and heavy substance abuse,

    – worked at least 2 jobs at all times since 14,

    – dropped out of high school junior year,

    – decided to create a new path for herself at 17,

    – secured first corporate job at 18,

    – used an iron will, willingness to learn from those who had what she wanted to gain the professional skills necessary to thrive at work,

    – bought first house at 21,

    – earned GED at 24,

    – paused to consider how beautiful life was on the other side of positive transformation, so became a first-generation college student at 25 to study why she was able to make it out and transform her life when so many others hadn’t,

    – worked 70+ hours weekly for the next nine years as she juggled full-time corporate work, full-time school, full-time family life, and began life coaching focused side hustles that have become her full-time life’s work,

    – met the love of her life at 27 in between and co-raised four securely attached, thriving, children effectively breaking the cycle of poverty, abuse, and criminality for her kids.

    – Earned her PhD in Psychology at 34 and walked the stage with a lump in her throat as she considered representing every young brown girl managing risk and trauma outside of their control, still feeling like every day won’t end and struggling to imagine better for themselves. This could be them too. We have no idea what we’re capable of until we decide to focus our energy on building the good within and for ourselves to make positive, meaningful contributions to our world. YCI coaches are here to guide youth to that awareness and support their efforts to overcome and thrive too.

Faculty and Support

Youth Coaching Institute, LLC, Coaching  Life, Forney, TX

Jade Enrique, EdD, BCC

Faculty - Coach Trainer & Practicum Supervisor

Dr. Enrique is a life coach who holds degrees in Education, Psychology, and Therapy. She maintains a small private coaching practice known as Bright Balance, LLC (brightbalancecoaching.com) where she primarily offers life, academic, career, and ADHD coaching for teens and young adults. She utilizes a strengths-based, multi-disciplinary, and multicultural approach to coaching. Dr. Enrique finds fulfillment in contributing and utilizing her varied theoretical backgrounds to assist in helping to change outcomes for underserved clients and communities. She believes that coaching is one method of ensuring that individuals are at the helm of receiving the support/accountability they may need so they can continually be encouraged to strive for their goals; improve performance; resolve deficits; and build/restore confidence.


  • Life, academic, career, and ADHD coaching for teens and young adults 14-29
  • ADHD, career and life coaching for teachers/professors and other education-related staff
  • Life coach training


  • EdD in Education with Special Education concentration
  • o Expertise: Special Education Law, Administration, and Advocacy
  • o Dissertation: A Study of Behavioral Response to Intervention: Practices and Perceptions Perceived by Teachers
  • Educational Specialist in School Psychology
  • Master of Science in Family Therapy
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts
  • Nationally Certified School Psychologist
  • Diplomate in School Neuropsychology
  • Certified Memory Interventionist
  • Professional ADHD Coach
  • Over 120 hours of coach-specific training

Liezel Lane, MA, ACC

Faculty - Coach Trainer & Practicum Supervisor

Liezel Lane is a teen life and resilience coach holds degrees in Psychology and Industrial Psychology with an emphasis in Psychometric Assessments. She maintains a small private coaching practice known as MyTeenLifeCoach.com where she primarily offers life, academic, career, emotional integration and ADHD coaching for teens young adults and millennials. She became proficient in this work after leaving the corporate world in I/O Psychology leading learning and development departments as well as executive coaching. She then started her own non-profit organization for youth and teens, mentoring community leadership development through performing arts as a facilitation tool (Atlanta S.E.E.Ds Inc.® – Self Esteem Empowerment and Education through Dance). She utilizes evidence based, strengths-based, assessment tools and body/emotional integration tools in her coaching. Liezel is passionate about young people becoming the sustainable force for the planet’s future and preparing youth for their own purposes and leadership abilities. 


  • Life, academic, career and Social Emotional Learning coaching for teens and young adults 12-25
  • Psychometric Testing/Assessments A,B and C levels.
  • Parent coaching and Life coach training
  • Leadership development 


  • Masters Industrial Psychology with specialization in Industrial Sociology and Psychometry
  • Expertise: Leadership Development, Cultural Adaptation and Social Emotional Learning, Psychometry
  • Dissertation:
  • Generating a Theory from Predicting the Success Level of Assurance Representatives
  • Imperial Society Of Teachers for Dancing (ISTD)
  • Registered Psychometrist with South African Medical and Dental Council
  • Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Sociology
  • Over 150 hours of coach-specific training

Jennifer Watson, MS, EdD

Program and Curriculum Development Consultant

Dr. Jennifer Watson is a certified youth resilience coach and an experienced curriculum designer who holds a Doctorate in Education in Instructional Systems Design and a Master of Science in Educational Psychology. Dedicated to supporting projects that foster positive youth development, Dr. Watson has created custom curriculums for large youth organizations, schools, coaching institutions, and for private clients. Through her coaching practice she helps young people discover their purpose and empowering them with the resources and confidence to follow their dreams. Discover more about the many courses, resources, coaching packages, and curriculum design aids that she has developed at findthehiddengem.com.


Curriculum Design

Consulting/Coaching in Curriculum Development

Youth Life Coaching


Doctor of Education in Instruction and Administration (Instructional Systems Design)

Masters of Science in Education (Educational Psychology)

Bachelor of Arts in Communications