Life Coaching for High-Risk Youth

Desistance and Reintegration Support

We specialize in coaching young people who are committed to desisting delinquent behavior and working toward positive change. Dr. Mazzola integrates her personal experience as a juvenile offender turned successful non-offending adult, extensive formal research in desistance and positive change, and coaching expertise to support young people committed to reform. Our Shift Coaching program offers a combination of evidence-based coaching and mentoring support tailored to the client’s needs.


Teens involved in delinquent behavior with an interest in positive behavior change.

Juvenile Justice Reintegration

Teens reintegrating into communities after release from the juvenile justice system.

Shift Coaching Model

Agency - Belief in one's ability to choose and take action to achieve goals
Self-Determined Motivation - An internal commitment to goal achievement
Meaning and Purpose - Beyond self and life direction
Structural Supports - Work, school, prosocial groups or activities
Self-Regulation and Self-Development to enhance effectiveness
Social Capital - Choosing social connections in line with goals
Behavior - Consistent, intentional action toward goals

Our Shift Coaching program is designed to support clients as they work through each of the above elements found to be essential to successful reform.

Program Details

For teens and young adults ages of 14-21


Registration is OPEN

Coach: Leah B. Mazzola, PhD

For you to consider: Coaching clients have an interest in positive change. They are committed to doing the work required for success. We are here to support those teens and enhance their chances of successful positive reform through research-based curriculum, coaching, and mentoring. If your teen is not interested in doing this work, he/she is not ready for this program.

[stm_pricing_plan title=”Fees” price=”$250.00″ period=”monthly” color=”#42bae5″]6-12-month program with Dr. Leah Mazzola – Check-in at 6-months to determine whether or not the client will continue or conclude the program.

Includes pre-scheduled coaching sessions once weekly. Sessions are 45-minutes each by Zoom online meeting room or phone.

Introductory assessments are completed to design tailored coaching goals[/stm_pricing_plan]

FREE virtual coaching available for low-income youth.

We offer free virtual coaching services for youth and young adults ages 14-19 who would not otherwise be able to afford such services due to financial limitations. Our youth life coach training program covers the cost of coaching grants for these clients. If your family is living below the U.S. poverty threshold, your child may qualify for this service. E-mail with “Free coaching inquiry” in your subject line to request application details now.

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