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Our coaching programs are designed for youth and emerging adults ages 14-24

Our clients come to coaching to reach goals that matter most to their life satisfaction. A coach can help you 

  • – get clear on life, college, or career direction 

  • – improve motivation, performance, and engagement in school or work

  • – build confidence and effectiveness

  • – reduce unhelpful stress

  • – build social and emotional skills

  • – or succeed through positive behavior change.​

All coaching services include opening intake assessments, client-selected goals, research and planning for goal achievement, skill building, and a positive, non-judgmental accountability partner in the form of a certified coach specially trained in behavioral science-based coaching.

Youth may be coached through the following topics to enhance self-awareness: Self-concept, personality, strengths, needs, desires, values, interests/passions, future vision, meaning/purpose, goal-setting, skill-building

Youth may be coached through the following topics to enhance social-awareness: Social groups, social roles, social values/morals, relationships, relationship needs, relationship desires, relationship audit, structural support for goal achievement, most valuable people identification, social/emotional skills audit, social/emotional skill-building

Youth may be coached through the following topics to enhance academic-awareness: Academic performance audit, motivation, confidence, capacity and strategy, time management and prioritization, approaches to learning and study strategies, goal setting, and goal striving through achievement.

Youth may be coached through the following topics to support research and planning for life post-graduation: Participants process through personality, strengths, and interests assessments, complete all elements of a job/career-awareness inventory, conduct the research and exploration necessary to identify life direction beyond high school graduation, identify needs and gaps, begin skill development in those areas, and earn a certificate of completion.

Youth involved in high-risk behavior may be coached through the following topics to enhance chances of positive reform: Agency – belief in the ability to choose and take action to achieve goals, self-determined motivation – an internal commitment to goal achievement, meaning and purpose – beyond self and life direction, structural supports conducive to positive reform, self-regulation and self-development, social capital audit and shifting, behavior modification – consistent, meaningful action toward reform goals. This service is ideal for youth with a history of delinquency, substance abuse, and those reintegrating into communities after release from retention in the juvenile justice system. 

My daughter was in need of a sounding board, someone with life experience that knows how to the break things down for the teenage mind and someone that knew the psychological components as well. Through coaching with Leah, my daughter became more comfortable directly addressing her expectations for herself as well as gaining more personal responsibility. She developed additional tools to address peer pressure while she and I gained more constructive ways to have a dialogue. Leah’s personality lends itself to be structured and direct all the while being a soft place to land which is exactly what my daughter needed as she transitioned into high school.

Mother of 14-year-old client, Richardson, TX

Individual Coaching - Virtual

One-on-one - Just you and your coach
$ 180 Monthly
  • 3 pre-scheduled coaching sessions per month via Zoom online meetings - phone or video call
  • You decide the focus area - Personal, Academic, Job/Career, or Positive Behavior Change

Individual Coaching - In-person

One-on-one - Just you and your coach
$ 250 Monthly
  • 3 pre-scheduled coaching sessions per month at an agreed upon neutral location for those local to the Dallas, TX area
  • You decide the focus area - Personal, Academic, Job/Career, or Positive Behavior Change

My 18 year old son just completed the coaching program with Leah Mazzola and I have to say that I have noticed a dramatic improvement in his attitude towards me and life in general. I had been struggling with my son since middle school. He went through a period from middle school until his junior year of high school where he made a lot of poor choices. It was very frustrating because he is an extremely intelligent child and I could clearly see the potential in him to do better. I heard about this opportunity for this program and encouraged him to take it, if nothing else, to learn some life skills that would help him not only now, but well into the future. I explained to him that many adults, if given the opportunity, would go back to learn some of these same life skills that they are now having to struggle with as adults. Much to my surprise, he agreed to do the program. Not only did he complete the program, but he took the initiative to call in every week, and complete the coursework that was given to him. I am very proud of him for completing the program and am confident that he will apply the skills that he has learned to help him to reach his full potential. My desire for my son is for him to be successful, happy, and healthy, which I am sure is the desire of any Mother out there. I highly recommend this program to other Mothers who are struggling with their teenagers.

Mother of 18-year-old client, Plano, TX

My daughter went through coaching with Leah at the perfect time. We didn’t know that a very hard few months was coming up in her life, and the knowledge and self-confidence she received from Leah helped her make correct decisions and stay positive during hard times. She has referenced the lessons she has learned more than once and used them to help in many aspects. My daughter is now excited to begin college later this year and I know she could easily be in a very different situation if it wasn’t for Leah and her coaching program.

Mom of 17-year-old client, Rowlett, TX

The students are still talking about their positive experience in Leah Mazzola’s workshop. Thanks Leah for spending the day with our students and showing how their choices do not define them, rather they can absolutely make positive changes to their life. Leah came in and connected with our students right away. You don’t have to spend much time with her to understand her genuine concern and desire to impact the lives of young people. We are looking forward to a continued relationship. Thank you for giving of your time!

School Counselor, Forney, TX

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