Life & Career Coaching

Can your youth audience use help with:

  • Life, college, or career direction
  • Enhancing motivation, performance, and engagement in school or work
  • Building confidence and effectiveness
  • or positive behavior change?

Our coaching programs are designed for teens and young adults (Ages 16-24). Clients complete individual and/or group coaching sessions with a certified youth life coach wherein they work through the self-awareness and research necessary to narrow down life, education, and job goals while developing social and emotional competencies and practical skills for success.

Life Coaching

Life is generally complicated at any age. We can’t always control outcomes, but we can learn to apply practical, evidence-based skills to live better and achieve our goals. The process begins with self-insight, dedicating focused attention to understand how we function and why; and where our own thought patterns, emotions, and behaviors stand in our way or propel us forward. From there we can develop solutions and take purposeful action to enrich our lives. Highly effective people attend to self-mastery. Effectiveness is simply a result. The beautiful thing about life is we can choose to begin this work at any point and create a future we can be proud of. Below are a few common coaching areas for clients.

  • Committed action, values-based goal striving, and achievement
  • Enhancing motivation and performance
  • Harnessing individuality (strengths, personality, interests, values, talents, and passion) for success
  • Enhancing self-esteem, confidence, social and emotional intelligence, self- and others-awareness, mindfulness, positive emotion, and engagement
  • Building strong, positive social networks
  • Flexibility, tolerance, and collaborative problem-solving
  • Stress reduction, frustration/anger reduction, effective communication, and resilience
  • Bullying, harmful behaviors, detrimental peer influence, substance use awareness
  • Time management and organization

Career Discovery Coaching

Jobs and/or careers are one of the most important resources young people can leverage to transform their outcomes. Enhancing chances of success at work requires a good look at job fit.  This person-job fit and person-organization fit refers to the degree to which individual and environmental characteristics match. Person characteristics may include an individual’s biological or psychological needs, values, goals, abilities, resources, or personality; while environmental characteristics could include job demands, cultural values, rewards, opportunities for growth and advancement, leadership styles, and reporting structures. A good fit contributes to employee well-being, productivity, and job satisfaction. An ill fit contributes to high stress, counterproductive behaviors, and high dissatisfaction. Either a good or bad fit effect overall life satisfaction, as job satisfaction and life satisfaction affect one another interchangeably. Pursuing career goals in line with who we are is the secret sauce to foster engagement and peak performance from the inside out.

  • Explore career fit through self-discovery (e.g. personality, strengths, interests, values, etc.)
  • Begin the research, goal setting, planning, and strategy to move toward your ideal path
  • Understand and clarify your niche value to employers
  • Identify your one-, three-, and five-year plans around income/expenses
  • Design and implement development strategies to advance those goals
  • Learn to effectively communicate your niche value to potential employers; Improve application and interviewing skills (e.g. resume/CV/cover letter development, mock interviewing, etc.)

Group Programs Available for Your Youth Audience

Youth are coached through the following topics to enhance self-awareness: Self-concept, personality, strengths, needs, desires, values, interests/passions, future vision, meaning/purpose, goal-setting, skill-building

Youth are coached through the following topics to enhance social-awareness: Social groups, social roles, social values/morals, relationships, relationship needs, relationship desires, relationship audit, structural support for goal achievement, most valuable people identification, social/emotional skills audit, social/emotional skill-building

Youth are coached through the following topics to enhance academic-awareness: Academic performance audit, motivation, confidence, capacity and strategy, time management and prioritization, approaches to learning and study strategies, goal setting, and goal striving through achievement.

Youth are coached through the following topics to support research and planning for life post-graduation: Participants process through personality, strengths, and interests assessments, complete all elements of a self-awareness inventory, conduct the research and exploration necessary to identify life direction beyond high school graduation, identify needs and gaps, begin skill development in those areas, and earn a certificate of completion.

Youth involved in high-risk behavior are coached through the following topics to enhance chances of positive reform: Agency – belief in the ability to choose and take action to achieve goals, self-determined motivation – an internal commitment to goal achievement, meaning and purpose – beyond self and life direction, structural supports conducive to positive reform, self-regulation and self-development, social capital audit and shifting, behavior modification – consistent, meaningful action toward reform goals.


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