Life & Career Coaching

We offer FREE virtual coaching services for low-income youth and young adults. If you think you may qualify for a grant to cover your coaching services, read on for more details!

Can you or your child use help with:

  • Life, college, or career direction
  • Enhancing motivation, performance, and engagement in school or work
  • Building confidence and effectiveness
  • or positive behavior change?

Our coaching program is designed for teens and young adults (Ages 16-24). Clients complete individual and/or group coaching sessions with Dr. Mazzola wherein they work through the self-awareness and research necessary to narrow down life, education, and job goals while developing social and emotional competencies and practical skills for success.

Life Coaching

Life is generally complicated at any age. We can’t always control outcomes, but we can learn to apply practical, evidence-based skills to live better and achieve our goals. The process begins with self-insight, dedicating focused attention to understand how we function and why; and where our own thought patterns, emotions, and behaviors stand in our way or propel us forward. From there we can develop solutions and take purposeful action to enrich our lives. Highly effective people attend to self-mastery. Effectiveness is simply a result. The beautiful thing about life is we can choose to begin this work at any point and create a future we can be proud of. Below are a few common coaching areas for clients.

  • Committed action, values-based goal striving, and achievement
  • Enhancing motivation and performance
  • Harnessing individuality (strengths, personality, interests, values, talents, and passion) for success
  • Enhancing self-esteem, confidence, social and emotional intelligence, self- and others-awareness, mindfulness, positive emotion, and engagement
  • Building strong, positive social networks
  • Flexibility, tolerance, and collaborative problem-solving
  • Stress reduction, frustration/anger reduction, effective communication, and resilience
  • Bullying, harmful behaviors, detrimental peer influence, substance use awareness
  • Time management and organization

Client Testimonials Highlight

The best thing I ever did for my 15 year old daughter was signing her up for Leah’s coaching program. Having to deal with being dyslexic and an introvert was very stressful for her which led her to lack of trying. With this program she learned how to use the techniques to help her deal with daily stress and it also gave her the courage to participate in class. As a mother, not being motivated to do her best to prepare for college was very frightening. After her first lesson I noticed a big difference in her attitude toward school. The day she came up to me and told me that she wanted to go to college was the best day ever. All may worries simply went away. My only regret was not putting her in the program sooner. But its never too late no matter what the age. – Mother of 15-year old client, Arlington, TX

Starting from a somewhat hopeless place, through Leah’s coaching, I was able to see the potential and abilities I still had. Working through strategies and plans together that would put me on a more positive straight path, helped me overcome some depression. Leah continues to encourage me and keep me looking for opportunities. – 19-Year-Old Client, Dallas, TX

I came across Leah’s information accidentally, but was intrigued with the concept of teens benefiting from coaching.  Her ideas were sound and logical, my child enjoyed meeting her (doesn’t happen often!) and I felt that they could work well together. Leah taught my daughter that everything, from homework to socializing, is a skill that can be learned if you put in the effort. She connects with teens in a way that supports and empathizes yet teaches. I certainly think her coaching was worth the investment and my daughter also believes it was. My most important takeaway from this experience was that a parent’s reaction to his/her child’s anxiety over daily living/events is not always reasonable.  Having the emotional distance of a neutral, knowledgeable third party, like Leah, really makes a difference in both parents and children’s lives without the stigma that counseling can bring.  One simple example, I could tell her forever to talk to her teacher/raise her hand in class and she would never listen.  Leah was able to get her to do that after one session with a reasonable calm explanation of why she should do it, how she would benefit, and how to do it.  No drama. – Mother of 14-year-old client in Southlake, TX

Before I met Leah all I saw was why I couldn’t do more with myself. I didn’t even realize that my confidence was so low. I felt like my past was who I was and I always felt like people were judging me without knowing anything about me. Leah helped me to realize that I was really the one judging me and holding me back. The confidence and skills I gained from Leah’s coaching have completely changed my outlook. I finally feel like I have so much to look forward to and so many options. She helped me to stop looking back and make my life happen from here. I can’t even put in words the difference it made for me. – 23-year-old client, Richardson, TX


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Career Discovery Coaching

Jobs and/or careers are one of the most important resources young people can leverage to transform their outcomes. Enhancing chances of success at work requires a good look at job fit.  This person-job fit and person-organization fit refers to the degree to which individual and environmental characteristics match. Person characteristics may include an individual’s biological or psychological needs, values, goals, abilities, resources, or personality; while environmental characteristics could include job demands, cultural values, rewards, opportunities for growth and advancement, leadership styles, and reporting structures. A good fit contributes to employee well-being, productivity, and job satisfaction. An ill fit contributes to high stress, counterproductive behaviors, and high dissatisfaction. Either a good or bad fit effect overall life satisfaction, as job satisfaction and life satisfaction affect one another interchangeably. Pursuing career goals in line with who we are is the secret sauce to foster engagement and peak performance from the inside out.

  • Explore career fit through self-discovery (e.g. personality, strengths, interests, values, etc.)
  • Begin the research, goal setting, planning, and strategy to move toward your ideal path
  • Understand and clarify your niche value to employers
  • Identify your one-, three-, and five-year plans around income/expenses
  • Design and implement development strategies to advance those goals
  • Learn to effectively communicate your niche value to potential employers; Improve application and interviewing skills (e.g. resume/CV/cover letter development, mock interviewing, etc.)

Client Testimonial Highlights

Client Testimonials Highlight

Our daughter is a typical teenager with self-confidence issues. Additionally, at 11th grade, she was at the crossroads regarding career choices and wanted to have a coach who could help her through a career discovery. Coaching with Leah was a great experience for both her and us. Through 1:1 coaching and assessments, my daughter gained a better understanding of her strengths and weaknesses. Using this discovery, she was able to narrow down her career choices to a small list. Additionally, Leah’s coaching gave her insights on how to improve her self-confidence through positive thinking. We were very impressed with Leah’s ability to connect and communicate clearly with our daughter. Her coaching style is very pragmatic, yet strength and value based. We have offered our daughter the opportunity to continue coaching with Leah on an ‘as needed’ basis. We suspect this will be a life-long partnership. As a result of Leah’s coaching, our child is slowly but surely improving her self-confidence. She is more self-aware and proud of her strengths and accomplishments. We highly recommend Leah’s coaching for your teen, regardless of what situation they are in. Give it a try and you will be very pleased. – Mother of a 16-year-old Client, Southlake, TX

I first connected with Leah because I was not where I wanted to be in my life and career. I began working with Leah in August and by October I had accomplished my biggest goal, which was to find a new job and move from my previous location. Leah’s coaching approach was exactly what I needed. Leah saw me at my best and at my worst, lucky for me the worst is behind me and the best is yet to come. Leah was even kind enough to put up with my dog insisting on being present during our Skype sessions. The coaching experience was truly worth all of the time and effort spent, Leah makes the experience so enjoyable. Leah’s coaching took me from a job that I hated and could barely stand to go to every day to a job that I seriously love and enjoy. – 24-year-old client, Murfreesboro, TN to Austin, TX

What I was hoping to accomplish when I started the coaching program with Leah was to improve my self-confidence, and establish a direction regarding career discovery. Initially, I didn’t have any idea of where I was going, and knew that I had to do some self discovery before I could start thinking about careers. What I took away from the coaching exceeded my expectations, and it gave me the insight that I needed to take steps in the right direction. Not only did Leah help me discover what I’d like to do in the future, but she also taught me how to cope with my weaknesses, and take advantages of my strengths. I learned several things about myself; and have a better idea of how I function, why I think the way that I do, and etc. Several times I found myself wishing that I could put my friends through this program, because it’s very interesting and well worth it. I would highly recommend this to any teenager looking for assistance in bettering almost any sort of aspect of their lives! – 16-year-old client, Carrollton, TX


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Individual Coaching - Virtual

Monthly Per Client

This is a 3-month program.

Three 45-minute sessions monthly by Zoom online meeting room or phone.

Availability – All slots are currently full – 2 slots coming available to begin after March 18, 2019

Individual Coaching - In Person

Monthly Per Client

This is a 3-month program.

Three 45-minute sessions monthly at a neutral, agreed upon location in the Dallas, TX metroplex (e.g. coffee shop, library, conference room, etc.). In-person sessions are available in Central, North, South, or East Dallas.

Availability – All slots are currently full. 2 slots are coming available to begin after March 18, 2019.

Virtual Coaching Boost Sessions

Per Session

A single 45-minute session for clients who have already completed a full coaching package.

Coaching by phone or video call only

FREE virtual coaching available for low-income youth!

We offer free virtual coaching services for youth and young adults ages 14-19 who would not otherwise be able to afford such services due to financial limitations. Our youth life coach training program covers the cost of coaching grants for these clients. If your family is living below the U.S. poverty threshold, your child may qualify for this service. Just complete the contact form using “Free coaching inquiry” in your subject line to request application details now.

Way Forward Program - Group Coaching - In-Person

Total Per Client

    • This is a 3-month program for teens and young adults ages 16-19. Seating is limited to 8 participants.
    • Primary outcome – research-based way forward plan for job, education, and life goals that fit participants’ next stage.
    • Includes psychology-based life, academic, and career coaching, skills development, and goal pursuit oriented around our four-prong model: resource optimization, personal development, social development, and structural support development (Education/Career/Positive Social Groups).
      • Participants process through personality, strengths, and interests assessments, complete all elements of a self-awareness inventory, conduct the research and exploration necessary to identify life direction beyond high school graduation, identify needs and gaps, begin skill development in those areas, and earn a certificate of completion. Those who demonstrate strong engagement throughout may request a letter of recommendation for college or job applications.
    • Includes weekly coaching sessions as follows: one bi-weekly 90-minute in-person group and one bi-weekly 45-minute individual virtual coaching session monthly.
    • Schedule: June 10-August 19, 2019 – Mondays, 10-11:30 AM CST. Coach/Facilitator: Leah B. Mazzola, PhD, BCC 
    • Location: Forney, TX – Forney Public Library. Register now to reserve your slot.
  • Total tuition is $360. Includes a non-refundable registration fee of $180.

Phone consultations are free to confirm fit prior to any commitment from the coach or potential client. Submit the contact form below to schedule your call. Be sure to include your name, contact information (e-mail address and phone number), days/times available, and a summary regarding the potential coaching client.

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