Group Coaching

We tailor group coaching programs to your audience. Group coaching workshops are interactive, skill-building events perfect for schools, agencies, or organizations serving youth. Our group coaching programs promote positive youth development. Please contact for more information about tailoring your group coaching event.

Sample Group Coaching Program

Transformation Academy: An intensive strength-based skill building academy for high-risk youth ages 10-17.

Transformation Academy may be incorporated as an after school program, or workshop series in existing youth-serving facilities (e.g. juvenile diversion programs, halfway houses, alternative schools, juvenile facilities, recreation centers, libraries). The program includes the following tailored to your audience and delivered by certified coaches.

Sample Focus Areas

(Personality, strengths, passion, and values)
Our participants get to know who they are, how they function and why, identify natural character strengths, determine what they really care about, and what they love to do. Greater self-awareness is the foundation to self-development.

Emotional Intelligence
(Self-regulation, self-determination, self-management, and healthy coping)
Our participants learn the four branches of emotional intelligence: perceiving emotions, reasoning with emotions, understanding emotions, and managing emotions. Regulating emotions and responding appropriately is imperative on the road to safe and positive interactions.

Social Intelligence
(Other-awareness, empathy, perspective-taking, positive social support, diversity, tolerance)
Our participants learn the importance of connection and belonging in human nature and the key to effective interactions. We emphasize the importance of aligning with peers who share common positive goals and educate participants in the power of the situation and group influence on individual behavior.

Prosocial Behavior
(Altruism, meaning, and purpose)
Our participants learn the importance of meaning and purpose in fulfillment and life satisfaction. They learn to consider goal setting for the social good, to think bigger than self, to make a positive impact in the lives of others. They design a community project and complete by the end of the program.

The Science of Effective Goal Setting and Striving
Our participants learn the concept of self-fulfilling prophecies and understand the role of thoughts and emotions on actions and outcomes. They learn the neuroscience of effective goal setting, planning, and proper use of motivation in achievement.

Tools for Academic Success
Participants learn the importance of systems, structure, and organization in academic achievement. They also learn the role of learning, thinking, and personality styles in learning and performance. Participants create systems and structures that work for them.

Career Niche Discovery
Participants learn the importance of person-job fit to well-being, performance, and success in career planning. They learn to apply who they are and what they love to job planning to ensure internal motivation drives success.

Vision and Future Planning
(Perseverance, resilience, and drive)
Our participants work through vision and future development from brainstorming to designing the future. They learn the importance of preparing for challenges and setbacks and considering best methods of tackling those should they arise.

Health and Wellness
Participants learn the importance of physical activity and healthy habits to overall well-being. A fitness and health program is tailored to the group.

Celebration and Goal Striving
Celebrating our milestones with recognition.

For organizations with older teens serving as mentors to younger teens, see our Certified Peer Mentor Coach training page. We train our CPMCs to help younger peers who are struggling.

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