Desistance and Positive Reform Coaching

For Juveniles and Emerging Adults with a History of Non-Violent Delinquency or Criminality Who Are Ready to Positive Change

We specialize in transition support for young people who are committed to desisting delinquent behavior and working toward positive change. Dr. Mazzola is an ex-juvenile offender who successfully navigated her own positive reform and went onto achieve her PhD in Forensic Psychology. She integrates her personal experience as a successful long-term desistor, extensive formal research in desistance and positive change, and coaching expertise to support young people committed to reform. DPR clients work directly with Dr. Mazzola. Read more about her contribution to the desistance science in her book: How We Did It: A Guide for Juvenile and Emerging Adult Offenders Ready for Positive Reform. Here’s an excerpt of her story:

I lived a lifestyle of delinquency and heavy, hard drug abuse from the ages of 12-17. At 17, I decided to do better with my life. I chose to stop my harmful behaviors and replace them with working to build a life I could be proud of. Through that work, I made it out to achieve success in ways I never would’ve dreamed of back then. Sadly, I have close loved ones who lost their lives to early death, and those who lost their freedom and opportunities to long-term sentences or addictions that keep them down. The sobering reality of those outcomes fuels my passion for this work. I write this for those who don’t believe positive, long-term change is possible, or that they’re worth the time and effort. It is and you are. Plenty have succeeded before you...You and your life are too valuable to waste. You have so much good to offer this world. You just need to figure out what that is and use it well.

The Program - For 16-20-year-olds

Stage 1 - Desist & Shift (3-4 Months)

Includes, behavioral science education and life skills training + coaching to apply learnings to positive change. Primary objective is to stop harmful behaviors and replace them with working to build a life the client can be proud of.

Stage 2 - Persist & Assist (2-3 Months)

Ongoing life coaching and mentoring to support the client's commitment to success in prosocial life, education, and work.

Desistance and Positive Reform Coaching & Training

1:1 Coaching with Dr. Leah B. Mazzola
$ 150
  • For 16-20-year-olds with a history of non-violent delinquency or criminality
  • Weekly support including, education, coaching, and training
  • One 45-minute individual coaching session weekly via virtual video call
  • Monthly installments are due in advance of each month's sessions to continue participation
Limited Slots

Starting from a somewhat hopeless place, through Leah’s coaching, I was able to see the potential and abilities I still had. Working through strategies and plans together that would put me on a more positive straight path, helped me overcome some depression. Leah continues to encourage me and keep me looking for opportunities.