Continuing Education

We offer research-based continuing education courses relevant to certified life coaches and other helping professionals who serve our audience.

Each course counts for:

12 Board Certified Coach Continuing Education Clock Hours (BCC competency: Coaching Approaches for Individuals, Screening & Orientation, & Ethics) and/or;
12 International Coach Federation (ICF) Resource Development (RD) Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs)
12 Continuing Education Hours for Licensed Professional Counselors, Marriage and Family Therpiasts, and Licensed Social Workers in Texas

All CE courses are offered live via webinar/conference call. Courses are open to the public, but ideal for trained/certified life coaches serving teens.

Course Title: Coaching At-Risk Youth 

Program Description

The purpose of this course is to introduce trainees to relevant evidence-based considerations when coaching adolescent clients, with special attention toward supporting at-risk youth.

Training Hours

The total training program consists of 12 hours of instructor-led continuing education over eight weeks.


Training is conducted live via interactive webinar.

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the role of socio-emotional and cognitive control system development in adolescent decision-making and behavior
  • To understand systemic contributors to problem behaviors and associated risks
  • To understand how to mitigate risk factors and build protective factors through coaching interventions

Focus areas:

  • Introduction to the adolescent stage
    • Understand the ways physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development influence decision-making and behavior in children, teens, and young adults.
  • Trauma-informed coaching and cultural competency
    • Understand systemic contributors to problem behaviors and associated risks.
      • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
      • Implicit and explicit bias: cognitive and emotional biases, stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, and marginalization
      • Values, morals, ethics, diversity, tolerance, and acceptance
      • Sensitivity to other worldviews
  • Coaching to build protective factors 
    • Learn to mitigate negative outcomes through skill development, positive coping, and goal pursuit.
      • Risk, needs, protective factors, and responsivity
      • Explore evidence-based models: acceptance and commitment training, positive youth development, motivational interviewing, brief coaching with children and young people
      • Facilitating social and emotional intelligence (self- and other-awareness)
      • Self-concept, personality, strengths, values, self-fulfilling prophecies, self-actualization, PERMA and positive emotions, perspective-taking, empathy, and acceptance
      • Conflict coaching: the role of cognitive and emotional bias in conflict, facilitating amicable resolutions, negotiation and compromise
  • Coaching goal-orientation 
    • Learn to apply research in effective goal setting and motivation to improve outcomes for  your young clients.
      • The psychology of motivation
        • Self-efficacy: optimism, pessimism, hopefulness, and helplessness
        • The science of effective goal setting and implementation intentions
        • Motivational theories: self-determination theory, cognitive dissonance theory, humanistic theory
    • Learn how to engage young clients from the inside out and design programs that tap into his/her intrinsic motivators.
      • Academic/career discovery for person-education/job fit
      • Approaches to happiness, meaning, purpose, fulfillment, and passion
      • Practical strategies for success, mindset, maximizing resources, goal striving, and perseverance

Training Investment 

$300.00/12-hour CE course

* Payment plan available as follows: $150 non-refundable registration fee, $150 due 30 days later.


Summer 2016 – Mondays, 7:00-8:30 PM CST, July 11 – August 29, Facilitator: Leah B. Mazzola, BCC



Certified coaches receive a certificate of training including documented CE hours.

Visit the registration and payments page to secure your slot!

7-Day Withdraw/Refund Policy: Pro-rated refunds for tuition paid beyond the registration fee are available for trainees who withdraw within 7 days of training start date.

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