Coaching for Social Change – Pedro Rodriguez

As you know, we’re a community of social change agents who experienced our share of struggles through “at-risk” or “high-risk” circumstances as adolescents. We managed to overcome the odds, find a way to thrive, and establish lives we can be proud of.

Now, we’re committed to reaching back and supporting the next generation of young people who’ve yet to see the light on the other side of their struggle.

Our social change blog allows us to highlight coaches in our network merging their “heart work” with evidence-based coaching skills to make a powerful difference where they are. We appreciate your presence and hope Pedro’s “why” inspires you to be the change too. 

Coach Q&A

Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez - Student Ministry Director at GraceLife Sarasota

What motivated you to become a life coach for young people?

Growing up without a father left me void of direction. I was on a journey to nowhere and found myself living a destructive life. In my early adulthood my eyes were opened and I found men who would soon become my mentors. These men helped me find my true identity and discover my purpose. I now dedicate my life to coaching and mentoring young boys who have been affected by the lack of a father.

How do you use your life coach training for social change?

My passion is for the urban community. I work with youth in the Juvenile Justice system and have been using my life coach training to serve them. I use thought provoking questions to challenge and motivate them. I help them set goals and work through the necessary steps to accomplish these goals. Sometimes, these questions can be life changing and can help them find their way.

What was your most powerful learning takeaway from training to become a coach?

My most powerful learning takeaway from my YCI training was learning how to use the the right questions to help them find the answers. The reward is in seeing them find their way by helping them to think differently. I chose YCI because it offers coach training that’s centered around the needs of urban youth. The founder has a personal story that allows her to understand the population I serve. 

How can potential clients find you? 

In the Sarasota, FL area – E-mail P.roc76@hotmail.com or Pedro@gracelifesrq.com

August 7, 2019