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As you know, we’re a community of social change agents who experienced our share of struggles through “at-risk” or “high-risk” circumstances as adolescents. We managed to overcome the odds, find a way to thrive, and establish lives we can be proud of.

Now, we’re committed to reaching back and supporting the next generation of young people who’ve yet to see the light on the other side of their struggle.

Our social change blog allows us to highlight coaches in our network merging their “heart work” with evidence-based coaching skills to make a powerful difference where they are. We appreciate your presence and hope Pedro’s “why” inspires you to be the change too. 

Demetrius Dixon - Certified Life Coach, Youth Advocate & Mentor

Coach Q&A

What motivated you to become a life coach for young people?

I was motivated to become a life coach when I spent time reflecting on my own life. I took on a family in my late teens and early 20’s. I was all over the place and had no real direction or goals. I struggled for many years and all I could think about was that I didn’t want anyone to go through many of the struggles that I went through.

How do you use your life coach training for social change?

I am creating and facilitating workshops that can be used in schools, athletic teams, and juvenile justice centers. The workshops that we provide at Propel Your Destiny are to assist youth and their caregivers in cultivating a lifestyle that they deserve. Together, we create actionable plans to assist in achieving our client’s goals.

What do you love most about coaching young people? 

The feeling that both of us get when they “get it.” I had a client that graduated with his EMT certification who invited me to his graduation. It was an inspiring feeling seeing him accomplish such a major goal and to be so excited for his future.

What was your most powerful learning takeaway from training to become a coach?

Training taught me how to practice deep listening. I always thought of myself as a good listener but through the training realized that life coaches needed the ability to listen beyond the surface of what is being said. I chose YCI because I wanted to find a program that was geared toward equipping me with the skills needed to assist youth from a lower economic background. I wanted to not only help clients but empower them to be leaders and game changers in their communities. YCI shares these values. I couldn’t be more pleased with how prepared I am to serve my clients.

How can potential clients find you? 

Website: E:mail:

August 7, 2019
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