Career Fit Coaching

Career fit coaching and you

Jobs or careers are among the most important resources we can use to establish and maintain independence and transform our lives. Since many adults spend most of our waking hours working, how we choose that work-life weighs heavily on our health and satisfaction. If we’re intentional, we can identify and pursue work that energizes us while meeting our needs. If we’re not careful, we can end up in depleting situations that do more harm than good. Becoming intentional and strategic about our work decisions requires a good amount of self-awareness to address job-fit and environment-fit. A good fit at work contributes to your overall well-being, productivity, and satisfaction. If you have an ill fit it may contribute to toxic stress levels, counterproductive behavior, and general dissatisfaction. Pursuing employment goals in line with who we are is the secret to fostering engagement and peak performance.

Through career fit coaching, we help clients explore personal characteristics like personality, strengths, skills, needs, values, and goals; determine what matters to them in their work and identify environmental characteristics that fit for them. Those may be job or social demands, workplace values, leadership approaches, opportunities for growth, or benefits.

What you will learn through career fit coaching

Through career fit coaching we tap into the self- and situational-awareness necessary to find clarity and direction and improve work-life experiences. We work to develop the self-management, professional skills, and positive coping methods necessary to optimize your work life. Through this process, work can become a positive outlet to meet your psychological needs for learning, growth, meaning, purpose, engagement, competence, confidence, and self-actualization; and social needs for relatedness, belonging, connection, respect, and social support while addressing your economic needs. That’s the trifecta!

Early steps in our career fit coaching process

All clients go through an intake process to tailor our coaching engagement to your needs. Those seeking direction or job-fit support complete formal assessments like the Strong Interest Inventory and Myers Briggs Type Indicator Career Report. Those give us a list of potential fits to begin researching, planning, and setting goals for your selected path.

Private Coaching

Minimum of Four 1:1 Sessions
$ 240 Single Month
  • One weekly 45-minute session virtually via Zoom w/a Certified Youth Resilience Coach
  • First session serves as an intake to tailor coaching plan and goals to the client
  • For ages 16-24
  • One month, four-session commitment required. *Partial scholarship available for first generation college students.

*Scholarship covers 50-100% of coaching fees for group participants.

Partial scholarship covers 50% of coaching fees for 1:1 private coaching.

Application process: The prospective youth client submits a 250 word personal essay explaining 1) a bit about their story 2) what they hope to achieve through coaching, 3) the amount of scholarship needed to ensure participation (50-100%). We could not care less about how well written it is. We are not your English teachers. Just throw your thoughts down in response to the points listed and email them to The coaching relationship is about your willingness to open up and share what you’re really thinking and feeling about things. We’re not here to judge you. We’re here to support you as you are. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your willingness to be open and authentic. Send it in! We want to hear from you. 

If you feel like our site has answered all your questions and you’re ready to sign up, click Get Started above to grab a slot. Use the scheduling tool below if you’d like to speak with us first. 

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