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Did you know we offer need-based “Full Circle” partial scholarships?

We’ve found plenty of caring adults with a passion to empower disadvantaged youth work in professions that don’t pay as …Read More

Profile PhotoLeahBMazzolaPhDJune 29, 2016

Loosening the Death Grip

Post by Cyndy When I was younger and single-er, I had one desperate desire: to get swept off my feet …Read More

Profile PhotoLeahBMazzolaPhDMay 2, 2016

Learning to Know Nothing

Post by Cyndy¬† I am a veteran high school teacher. I know how to interact with teens. Duh. Why would …Read More

Profile PhotoLeahBMazzolaPhDApril 20, 2016

A Trainee’s BIZARRE Observations From a Life Coaching Demonstration

Our coach training program includes a blackboard style learning forum where trainees have an opportunity to post discussions to the …Read More

Profile PhotoLeahBMazzolaPhDApril 2, 2016
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