About Us

Our Mission and Goals

Our mission is two-fold. First, to help young people navigate the challenges unique to the adolescent to young adult transition through research-based coaching. Second, to train caring adults and youth serving professionals to empower underserved youth through research-based coaching.

Our goal is to help fill a support gap for struggling young people one coach at a time. The unique needs of our audience require developmentally appropriate and research-informed practice. To this end, our services integrate relevant psychology theories and evidence-based models adapted for application in a coaching context. Our content is continuously updated to ensure our services are informed by the most current research.

Our coaches encourage young clients to rise and thrive through self-mastery, self-advocacy, and self-determination. Our coaching interventions are designed to foster resilience, optimism, social/emotional competencies, and problem-solving skills in the youth we serve.

Our coaching interventions emphasize


self- and others-awareness;

flexibility, tolerance, and collaborative problem-solving;

proactive skill building;

meaning, purpose, and goal-orientation.

Our training programs emphasize

research-informed practice,

trauma-informed practice,

cultural awareness & sensitivity,

social responsibility.

Life Coaching

  • Individual and group life coaching for teens and young adults 14-21.

Life Coach Training and Certification

  • Foundational coach specific training and certification including practice and supervision
  • ICF Mentor Coaching for ACC applicants
  • Coach relevant continuing education
  • Peer mentor coach training

Accreditation and Approvals

  • Approved Coach Specific Training Hours Provider – International Coach Federation
  • Approved Board Certified Coach Training Provider – Center for Credentialing & Education
  • Approved Continuing Education Provider for Licensed Professional Counselors, Marriage & Family Therapists, and Social Workers – Texas State Board of Examiners

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Our Approach

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a collaborative, solution-focused, results-oriented, and non-directive process wherein the coach facilitates the client’s work toward positive development and goal achievement.

The coaching relationship is about doing, consistently taking strategically designed action toward goals.

Coaching is a “teach a man to fish” approach with four goals: self-awareness, self-mastery, self-determination, and self-actualization.

Why does research-based matter?

Studies show adolescent interventions including personal and social skill-building practices developed from a strong research base significantly enhance self-perceptions, school engagement, positive social behaviors, grades, and reduced problem behaviors while those lacking a research base show minimal effects.

Coaching Elements of Our Model: Shift

  • Agency - Belief in ability to choose and act toward goals
  • Self-Determined Motivation - Internal decision and commitment
  • Meaning and Purpose - Beyond self and life direction
  • Structural Supports - Work, school, prosocial groups or activities
  • Self-Regulation and Self-Development to ehance effectiveness
  • Social Capital - Choosing social connections in line with goals
  • Behavior - Consistent, intentional action toward goals