About Us

Our Mission and Goals

Our mission is two-fold. First, to help young people navigate the challenges unique to the adolescent to young adult transition through research-based coaching. Second, to train caring adults and youth serving professionals to empower underserved youth through research-based coaching.

Our goal is to help fill a support gap for struggling young people one coach at a time. The unique needs of our audience require developmentally appropriate and research-informed practice. To this end, our services integrate relevant psychology theories and evidence-based models adapted for application in a coaching context. Our content is continuously updated to ensure our services are informed by the most current research.

Our coaches encourage young clients to rise and thrive through self-mastery, self-advocacy, and self-determination. Our coaching interventions are designed to foster resilience, optimism, social/emotional competencies, and problem-solving skills in the youth we serve.

Our coaching interventions emphasize

self- and others-awareness;


meaning, purpose, and goal-orientation;

proactive skill building;

flexibility, tolerance, and collaborative problem-solving.

Our training programs emphasize

research-informed practice,

trauma-informed practice,

cultural awareness and sensitivity,

social responsibility.

Life Coaching

  • Individual life, academic, or career discovery coaching for teens and young adults 14-25
  • Individual life coaching for our coach alumni

Life Coach Training and Certification

  • Foundational coach specific training and certification including practice and supervision
  • ICF Mentor Coaching for ACC applicants
  • Coach relevant continuing education

Accreditation and Approvals

  • Approved Coach Specific Training Hours Provider – International Coach Federation
  • Approved Board Certified Coach Training Provider – Center for Credentialing & Education

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Our Approach

What is life coaching?

Coaching is a person-centered, strength-based, collaborative support service to help functional clients achieve meaningful goals. Coaching provides the structural support clients need to maximize their personal and professional potential. Coaching emphasizes autonomy, choice, and trust.

Clients come to coaching with an interest in self-improvement or measurable progress. Through coaching, clients find insight and direction to identify practical means to reach their goals. The coach guides and supports the client’s planned, intentional, and purposeful action toward achievement.

Coaching clients are ready and willing to do the work inherent in the coaching process. They are committed to maximizing their internal and external resources to achieve the outcomes they seek.

Why does research-based matter?

Studies show adolescent interventions including personal and social skill-building practices developed from a strong research base significantly enhance self-perceptions, school engagement, positive social behaviors, grades, and reduced problem behaviors while those lacking a research base show minimal effects.